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LV Jiarong's "social blue": my nanny manual focuses on "making phone calls" (picture and text)

What impresses the audience most in a film and television work may be a classic line, a habitual action or a style of dressing. In the recent hot online play "my nanny's Handbook", LV Jiarong's "steady as Mount Tai" aura and the strength of "killing the enemy in seconds" quickly win the audience's attention, especially when she often holds the phone mirror at work Lu Jiarong plays Lan Lan, who has been given the name of "social blue" by netizens.

My sister LAN doesn't speak hard in society

'business boss' often reminds people of the image of an old and experienced uncle. However, in the TV series "my nanny Handbook", Lu Jiarong's strong woman' LAN LAN 'breaks the inherent concept in the audience's mind. Her most classic action is to pick up her mobile phone and talk about cooperation with others. Although she looks like a goddess of high cold, her heart is blazing and devout Changing the shape can not hide the wild dedication, the same is that 'steady accurate ruthless' sharp eyes.

LAN LAN is definitely called 'sister LAN' not only because of the limitations of the people in the play. All friends watching the play are shocked by the powerful aura of LV Jiarong. When she is far away from the noisy crowd, we can guess that the next second she will pick up the phone to 'talk about the details of her work'. In the office, in the car, or even in the bed at home, Lan Lan pays attention to her work all the time The mobile phone is her 'work weapon', a few words can solve the thorny problem, just as the play's soxhow commented on her: as long as' sister LAN 'comes out, there is nothing that can't be done.

LV Jiarong fans: a boss who doesn't call is not a good boss

Before the end of "my nanny Handbook", actor LV Jiarong has gained a lot of popularity. It is expected that the number of fans will soar. Seeing that Lan Lan in the play makes the artist's acting career flourish, we have to admit that the persistence and preciseness of this role are admirable. Coupled with LV Jiarong's dedication to the role, the image of "sister Lan" can no longer be seen Many people forget that what she left us is a 'intimate boss' with full of positive energy. All thanks to LV Jiarong's in-depth interpretation and research of the script, she completely achieved: she integrated herself into the role.

The role with too strong ability is easy to appear false, and the little character will make the audience feel that it is not forced. However, the female boss Lan Lan's character and growth in "nanny Handbook" are full and rich. She has experienced setbacks and is distressing at the low ebb. LV Jiarong's acting skills are endless, and she has grasped Lan Lan's most concerned 'dedication' to show that she can be meticulous in dealing with trivial matters Every time she picks up the phone to talk to her clients, her face is full of dedication and her eyes are full of desire to win or lose. Lan Lan's every aspect makes people can't help trusting her

LAN LAN, who is so dedicated to making phone calls, has built up Su DAHAO's career step by step, just as LV Jiarong has set up the domineering and warm role of "sister Lan" step by step and dedicated it to her fans, who are almost omnipotent. Fans even leave a message to her, saying: "a boss who doesn't make phone calls is not a good boss!