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Huang Renqin, a student of "voice of China" in 2018, returned to Yunnan to lead the model fashion, a

After a busy year, Huang Renqin, a musician and singer, returned to his hometown Yunnan last week and won the "Kunming model musician of the year" award. His efforts in the music field have been unanimously recognized. Moreover, at the end of 2018, he continued to work hard. It is reported that he has not only completed the recording of the new single, but also made many actions in many fields!

Returning to hometown with honor

Last weekend, Huang Renqin, a famous musician and singer in many domestic competitions, returned to his hometown of Yunnan. As a native of Yunnan, Huang Renqin returned to his hometown this time and was pleased to mention the Kunming model musician of the year award. Kunming model life series awards play an important role in the local area, because the award ceremony is jointly sponsored by a number of local well-known enterprises and omni-directional media, dedicated to commending life models from all walks of life, which not only reflects the vitality of the new generation of Kunming young people, but also shows the literary feelings of the older generation.

This time, Huang Renqin has the honor to work together with teachers in many fields to incarnate the name card of the region and strive to promote the region in the field of music. Huang Renqin, who is good at English songs, sang the first two well-known songs "heard it" and "shape of you" on the spot, which won cheers and approval from his parents and villagers. At the same time, he also expressed his hope that through his performance tonight, more people in Yunnan will realize the charm of pop music and embark on the road of music. Starting from here and returning to his hometown at the end of the year to receive the award, Huang Renqin can be described as a perfect ending to this year.

Music practitioners end the year in a series of moves

Huang Renqin's magnetic voice on stage, steady typhoon and solid singing skills have always been the most vivid impression of his debut. But it's hard to believe that he shows off the stage with the cute character of a 'big boy'. The sharp contrast between the stage and the off stage makes every fan want to know this' newborn calf 'singer.

It is reported that Huang Renqin is a vigorous "activist" in his life. He keeps curiosity and dares to try. In addition to being recognized by his parents and fellow villagers at the weekend Gala, he is also working hard to create and learn. In addition to painting, he has just finished recording a new Chinese single. At the end of 2018, Huang Renqin has made many moves and is ready to start. There must be a lot of surprises in 2019!