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Xie Chunhua won the best Mandarin Female Newcomer Award at the Chinese Golden Melody Festival

On the evening of December 15, the 2018 global Chinese Golden Melody Award Ceremony was solemnly held in the living room of Wuhan. Xie Chunhua, a singer of Xinxi culture, won the title of "Best Mandarin Female newcomer" in the Chinese Golden Melody Award. At the grand ceremony, he sang the hit song "last night's dream, today's day, you read tomorrow", which shook people's hearts and ignited the atmosphere of the whole audience.

The best new comer deserves the name

On the evening of the grand ceremony, Xie Chunhua appeared in the grand ceremony with a pair of black trousers and exquisite makeup. The red ribbon tied between her wrists set off Xie Chunhua's graceful temperament and attracted the audience's cheers. On that night, Xie Chunhua won the "Best Mandarin Female newcomer" award with her 2018 album "dim sum", highly recognizable clear voice and poetic and spiritual creative ability.

During the live performance, Xie Chunhua performed the hit song "dream of last night, today, you read tomorrow" from the new album "dim sum" on the stage. The clear and melodious song and the soothing and flexible melody deeply touched people's hearts. Although the cold wave came, Xie Chunhua still warmed the audience with melodious and moving songs, and won a lot of applause and love.

"Flower time" is expected to open soon

As a post-95 singer, Xie Chunhua not only brought us a large number of high-quality music works, but also left many wonderful stage moments with live strength. This year's new album "dim sum" national tour is to let fans see more possibilities on Xie Chunhua's music.

It is reported that both Xie Chunhua's new album and 'huayushi' birthday concert are in the process of preparation. Since 'huayushi' is Xie Chunhua's first birthday concert, many fans can't help their excitement. They have posted the screenshots of concert ticket orders and the words of expectations for Huazai on Weibo.

From Xie Chunhua's music, music fans can always feel the power from life and the purity of music. Her scene is different from restlessness, but more touching and tearful. What kind of shocking scene will she bring to us in the future? On January 25, 2019, Beijing Exhibition Hall theater 'huayushi' concert, come and spend a wonderful night with Xie Chunhua accompanied by music.