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"Special forces in the enemy's rear" won the championship again

Xu Zheng once said in the variety show "I am an actor" that "the spring of good actors is coming". This sentence not only deeply touched the actors on the scene, but also touched many actors on the screen. Among them, Yi Kun, as the main melody of the Anti Japanese war drama "special forces in the enemy's rear", which is being broadcasted, is also a writer, star and director;

The first one is war wolf 2, and the second one is operation Red Sea. Two hot-blooded movies with military themes have created box office miracles, and there are many such masterpieces in the field of TV series;

"Special forces in the enemy's rear" is such a dark horse. Since the launch of Zhejiang satellite TV, its ratings have been far ahead of the whole network and the whole Taiwan. As a weekly drama, it has won the audience Championship for many days in a row. Behind the series is a lot of hard work and efforts;

When it comes to drama creation, screenwriter Yi Kun said that in his own eyes, the screenwriter is like an actuary. He would often watch the barrage and everyone's comments to see if what he expected would happen, such as the death of Xiaobai in the second episode. Before many barrages, he would say that it was nothing more than a bluff. As the leading actor, it would be ok if he had a halo to protect his body, but just at this time, a life suddenly burst He died;

In the first half of the series, the cruelty of the battlefield is fully displayed, and then the element of spy war is added. The fighting in the front echoes with the identity crisis in the rear, which greatly increases the amount of information, suspense and sense of crisis in the play. In the middle of the play, there will be a climax to avoid the waist collapse in the middle of the previous plays;

In the last fifth place, that is, when the audience and the characters establish deep feelings, they throw the main characters into the dilemma and detonate the audience's emotions to achieve the climax of the ending. In addition to the positive characters, the play also makes some articles on the villains, so as to avoid the simple confrontation brought about by the Sino Japanese stand, set the contradiction on the relationship between the characters, and make use of the contradictions of the characters to create events People feel the same way;

The action part of the drama will be as wonderful as ever, presenting hot-blooded action plays in different environments, different crises and different forms. Yi Kun also plays the leading role in the drama, playing male No.2 qiliancheng. He also plays the role of screenwriter and leading actor. When referring to the feelings of the characters in the drama, he reveals that although qiliancheng and Hong Zijie played by Li Zonghan fall in love with military doctor Hu Ruirui at the same time, But how can such two men be hostile to each other because of love?

Love is a luxury for both of them. They have carefully arranged their feelings, hoping to see the ending acceptable (laughter).

From Yang Mo, the male No.2 in legend of the gun god, Zhen Yi, the male No.2 in Furong Jue, sunspot, the male No.2 in hunting blade, ran Zhigao, the male No.2 in the last soldier, to Qilian City, the male No.2 in special forces deep behind the enemy, actor Yi Kun has been working hard and quietly as a green leaf, but his every role is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people;

It's visible to pay in silence. This work, written, starred and directed by Yi Kun, has finally brought you to know the actor who has been in the industry for 18 years. It has also brought you to know Qi Liancheng, a talented sniper who is humorous and happy;

With the popularity of "special forces in the enemy's rear", Yi Kun, the director and editor of the play, became popular. With 27% of the popularity, the play ranked eighth on the TV series list. The play not only gains high ratings, but also has the characteristics of flaming, exploding and fast that the audience generally feel, as well as the "tearful eyes" that the bullet screen often sees, which will continue to the end of the film. The following plot will also have many elements, such as espionage, suspense and so on, Keep lighting your heart.