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Wu Di's father son reconciliation in the family of that city

"The family in that city", starring Wu Di, is on the hit at the Golden Eagle solo theater of Hunan Satellite TV. The play is based on Li Yan's novel Ping'an button. The play version is directed by Shao Jinghui and starred by Ma Yuan, Tong Lei, SA Rina, Li Jianyi, Wu Di, Zhang Yabei, Wang Yu and other powerful actors. Since its launch on December 2, it has received a warm response and achieved remarkable results. With the development of the plot, the story reached a climax in the plot broadcast last night. The dialogue between Lin Zhicheng and his son moved a lot of audiences and made them cry.

Lin Zhicheng Lin PA hospital long talk for many years

Last night, the workers trapped in the mine were finally rescued, but Master Sun died with regret. Lin Zhicheng, who has experienced great joys and sorrows in his life, goes to the hospital to see Lin Zhaorui (Li Jianyi), and deeply reflects on himself: "you are right, I am wrong. "Lin's father taught Lin Zhicheng that he didn't know what awe was in the past, and said what he had been hiding in his heart since the 728 earthquake. Lin Zhicheng finally understood his father's pains and difficulties, and knelt down to apologize and cry. After years of fighting, the father and son finally reconciled. Wu Di's superb performance perfectly displayed the image of regret and haggard to the audience. The appearance of Lin Zhicheng's limping forward when kneeling also made the audience cry.

Wu Di enjoys the performance creation and the previous generation's drama

"The family in that city" has no traffic, which is rare in today's film and TV series. Wu Di himself once mentioned that when he saw the script, he read it all night and immediately decided to play Lin Zhicheng. Besides Wu Di, Ma Yuan, SA Rina, Li Jianyi and other powerful actors participated in the play. Wu Di has no stage fright when he plays with his predecessors. Whether he goes home after the earthquake and gets angry with Ma Yuan, then weeps in the arms of aunt Feng played by Sarina, or conflicts with Lin Zhaorui, he finally reconciles in the hospital. Every look, every action is just right, just right to let the audience understand how the role is. As for the performance in the play, Wu Di said that he enjoyed the state of creating characters during the performance and was immersed in the play.

At 19:30 tonight, the Golden Eagle gambling theater "that city, this family" continues to broadcast. Lin Zhicheng needs to face his own mistakes. How to plan his life next? More wonderful, please look forward to.