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"My nanny's Handbook" Lv Jiarong's revenge and counterattack after upgrading to fight monsters

In the workplace, there are often too many problems to deal with, which also makes many people feel headache. Many films and TV works have truly restored the state of people in the workplace, which makes the audience feel the same. In Youku's TV series my nanny manual, many details are used to reflect the true portrayal of the entertainment industry, played by popular actor LV Jiarong As an agent, Lan Lan leads the public into the performing arts circle to see the complex interpersonal relationship in the circle.

Lan Lan's real life version of fighting back against the enemy

The real strong never give up, but choose to face up to the difficulties. In my nanny Handbook, LAN LAN, the agent played by LV Jiarong, has gone through the bankruptcy of the company and been persuaded to quit by Youshang for various reasons. Her once popular artist Su DAHAO has no way to go now. However, LAN LAN has never thought of giving up. She tells Su DAHAO that she must make a comeback . Lan Lan decides to help Gao Ming regain his lost popularity and proposes to become Gao Ming's new agent.

Gao Ming is suohao's old rival. Naturally, she is skeptical of LAN LAN. However, Lan Lan still actively talks with general manager Meng. She takes Gao Ming to talk about cooperation with him. Unexpectedly, general manager Meng makes provocative remarks. Lan Lan has already prepared to take out the photo of general manager Meng looking for Xiao San as evidence to 'threaten' him to cooperate with Gao Ming. Gao Ming is stunned by Lan Lan's decision. However, only Lan Lan knows that her trip is just for her career to come back to life. The audience's evaluation of LAN LAN is' a real-life version of sleeping on fuel and tasting gall '.

LV Jiarong's plan to regain sovereignty

In the face of many hardships, Lan Lan's pace never stops. She plans to get back the name of "first agent" for herself, and even comes up with long-term and precise means to achieve it. In order to perform Lan Lan's tenacity and strength, LV Jiarong made great efforts in the details of her performance. She wrote her ambition on her face. When the boss of the new company Mr. Chen asked her to find another job, she was not surprised. She had long recognized that she was the indispensable talent in the company. Her eyes were full of self-confidence. LV Jiarong's performance of winning by details completely filled LAN with vitality Potential.

Maybe it's the actor LV Jiarong's honesty and frankness that makes Lan Lan's character have a kind of 'momentum', which is fully reflected in LAN LAN's eyes. She keeps her eyes fixed on President Chen and says' I want to be the first in the industry and defeat my enemy '. 'LV Jiarong always exudes the unique' ruthlessness' of professionals with her language and manner, which makes the audience shocked by her aura. This is one of the reasons why she can become an actress in the play.