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Stars gather in 2018 National Drama Festival

On December 12, the 2018 Anhui Satellite TV "grand ceremony of national opera" was recorded in Beijing, sponsored by China Anhui Satellite TV, undertaken by ray media and co organized by the capital radio and television program production association. Many stars and artists gathered together to add color to the 2018 National Drama Festival, which has the reputation of "Oscar of Chinese TV drama". It is worth mentioning that in the red carpet walk, Han Yuchen wears a gray suit with a black shirt inside. His simple and capable image makes people immediately think of his many righteous and awe inspiring roles.

Simple travel, smart dress, young actors full of vitality

The annual "grand ceremony of Chinese opera" was recorded as scheduled. The grand ceremony has been adhering to the spirit of spreading the fine works of Chinese opera and honoring the craftsman of Chinese opera, and its gold content has long been recognized by the film and television industry. In the red carpet segment of this grand ceremony, Zhu Yilong, Han Yuchen, Jin Han, Wu Jinyan, Qin LAN, Lu Yi, Huang Xiaoming, Jingchao, Yu Kewei, Qin Hailu and other star artists made a spectacular appearance. In addition to helping the grand ceremony, their arrival is a beautiful scenery.

It is worth noting that Han Yuchen, a young actor, made a handsome appearance in the 2018 "grand ceremony of Chinese opera" and won the attention of the majority of media friends. The simple and capable suit matching is just in line with his previous interpretation of a number of fairly just role images, which makes everyone present have a deeper memory of him and his role, and see the youthful vitality of young actors.

Show the good quality of young actors

When it comes to actor Han Yuchen, I have to mention his wonderful performance on the variety show "I am an actor" recently. With his olive green and Lei Feng's love, the audience exclaimed: hit the heart. In addition, whether it's Lu Ning, the comedian in deep sea sword, or Peter, the inspirational young man in brother is not legend, his skillful acting skills have been recognized by many audiences.

"One minute on stage, ten years off stage.". In fact, as an actor, it's not easy to win the recognition of even an audience. Han Yuchen's works have been constantly growing over the years, but he has not lost his meticulous grasp of the role due to the increase of workload. Instead, he takes every work seriously to make the role as colorful as possible. He, who likes reading and watching movies, said: it helps me to understand the script quickly and grasp the core soul of the characters.

It is understood that Han Yuchen, a conscientious and meticulous young actor with good quality, will have a good performance in the TV series "green water, green mountains, red days" and "flying military flag". The 2018 Anhui Satellite TV "grand ceremony of national opera" recorded this time will meet you on January 1, 2019. Let's look forward to it together.