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Actor Li Zhaohong's blue retro and fashion show at the grand ceremony of Chinese opera in 2018

Adhering to the spirit of spreading the fine works of national opera and paying homage to the craftsmen of national opera, Anhui Satellite TV strives to create a "night of homage" for domestic TV series. On December 12, the 2018 Anhui Satellite TV "grand ceremony of national opera" was recorded in Beijing, sponsored by China Anhui Satellite TV, undertaken by ray media and co organized by the capital radio and television program production association. In addition to the exciting award party, the red carpet is also full of stars. Li Qianru, a young actor who once played the role of mijo in "Hello, old time", came here as scheduled. He was dressed in a red and blue retro suit. It was very beautiful and fashionable, just like a little sister next door.

Li Qian's retro style is praised

Every year's "grand ceremony of national opera" is a starry stage. With ten years of experience, it has not only been highly recognized by the industry in terms of the gold content of awards, but also attracted the attention of media friends in the red carpet.

The red carpet part of this year's National Opera Festival is also a beautiful scenery that can not be missed. All the major stars are dressed up to attend the event. It is noteworthy that young actor Li Qian, wearing the most popular red and blue color matching Jumpsuit this year, has a beautiful and lovely retro image and won the praise of media friends.

Be strict with yourself inside and outside the play and show the best actor state

Li Qian, a powerful young actor, has performed well in the TV series "seeing you off all the way" and "negotiator". He is loved by the audience for his frank and frank role in "Hello, old time". When talking about the feelings after being paid attention to, Li said: 'this is not my success alone, but I have my own efforts. Thank you for your recognition. I will continue to refuel and bring you more and better works. '

This is the actor Li Qian. She not only considers every line repeatedly in the process of filming, but also looks for opportunities to discuss acting skills and performance methods with her predecessors and directors. Besides, she also strictly demands her healthy diet and reasonable exercise. She also likes reading and recommends good books to everyone on Weibo from time to time. Li Qian, who works so hard, only wants to bring the best to the audience and give himself a satisfactory answer.

It is understood that after the event, Li Qian will rush to the crew to shoot new works. Let's look forward to this actor with acting skills and attitude to bring us better works.