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Song Ningfeng returns to the stage of drama, and his partner Zhao Wei performs the classic "verifica

The drama "verification" directed by Tian Zhuangzhuang officially announced the performance lineup yesterday, with song Ningfeng's partners Zhao Wei, Zhou yemang and Chen Yadi. Song Ningfeng plays a gifted math doctor 'Hal' in the drama. While pursuing the law of truth, he has a romantic relationship with 'Catherine' played by Zhao Wei. This is song Ningfeng's re appearance on the stage after the second farewell, and also song Ningfeng's re cooperation with Director Tian Zhuangzhuang after the movie "love and blind date". His solid acting skills and unique performance style make this performance "qiuzheng" particularly exciting.

From TV screen to drama stage

In the lineup announced this time, the actor of the male owner 'Hal' is very impressive. Since his debut, song Ningfeng has had many well-known works. The unruly rock singer 'ADA' in the movie "love and blind date", the clean and handsome teacher 'Zou Ye' in the movie "my heart leaps" and 'Jifei' in the movie "murder like time in the water" need solid acting skills to control different roles, while song Ningfeng has contributed a high degree of completion. From a relatively small drama stage to a wide audience TV screen, song Ningfeng has the courage to challenge himself. In the current popular era drama "Bund bell", song Ningfeng's early bullying president "Bai Xianguo" won the first place before he appeared. Through the early exposure of the stills, the audience jokingly called "boss Bai's face is justice", and the scene was full of humor.

Song Ningfeng has a thousand surprises

Whether it's Bai Xianguo, the owner of Aojiao in the Bund bell, or Hal, the math doctor who will meet the audience in seeking proof, song Ningfeng's characters always have a sense of distance, but song Ningfeng is very humorous. On the opening day of "Bund bell", song Ningfeng was "too involved in the play" and "recruited assistant" for the character Bai Xianguo on Weibo. He was very cute and attracted fans to leave interactive messages for interviews. It is reported that many films starring song Ningfeng, such as "see the red leaves again", "don't kill", "one day father and son", "gate of the crocodile", etc., have been shot. We hope these new works will bring more surprises to the audience.