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LV Jiarong continues to do public welfare and is escorted by fans. These positive energies are enoug

I believe everyone has heard the saying "give someone a rose and leave a fragrance in your hand". Public welfare is such a thing that benefits both people and yourself. Its ultimate ownership is to give people happiness. There are no boundaries for public welfare. Not only do more and more entrepreneurs begin to pay attention to public welfare undertakings, but many stars in the entertainment circle also devote themselves to various public welfare activities, and mainland actress LV Jiarong is one of them.

LV Jiarong has always been a low-key and dedicated actress. She has been working hard in the circle, almost without hype and gossip, so that many of her works are known as high-quality works, such as "Xiaoao Lake", "Jinxiuyuan Gorgeous Adventure", "life is like meeting for the first time" and so on. In addition to honing her acting skills in the entertainment circle, LV Jiarong has been conducting various public welfare activities in a low profile.

This year, LV Jiarong participated in the Song Qingling public welfare fund again. She has been doing this public welfare activity for two consecutive years, continuously conveying strong social positive energy. At the same time, LV Jiarong also actively participated in various public welfare voice projects, helping poor mountain areas to drink healthy water on the '99 public welfare day', participating in the 'drawing birth line' public welfare activities, and selling a large number of idle items on the 'thousand mile Tibet aid trip' activities to help the campus construction in poor mountain areas. Winning the title of "love ambassador" at this year's actors alliance public welfare ceremony is also a recognition of her adherence to public welfare for many years.

LV Jiarong's act of love not only warms everyone, but also the whole society, and has been recognized and supported by many netizens. Although the previous "clarification" incident has attracted a lot of malicious smear from black fans, only with the fans' escort, LV Jiarong has no fear.

Recently, LV Jiarong is similar to Guli Naza in appearance, and has been magnified infinitely by some marketing numbers, so that she has been labeled as "face bumping Naza". So LV Jiarong wrote on her microblog: 'I'm not Naza' to dispel the malicious speculation of those marketing numbers. Unexpectedly, it attracted a lot of malicious comments from Naza fans, and even directly attacked LV Jiarong personally.

From the perspective of public welfare that LV Jiarong has done in recent years, she can be regarded as a very pure female star. She doesn't need any hype to improve her popularity. Her acting skills and positive energy in her bones are enough to survive in the entertainment industry. Sure enough, the positive energy will always be the winner. With this positive energy, the unreasonable "Zha Fen" will be turned away, giving LV Jiarong a clean and free space.