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Wu Di's "that city, this family" caused divergence of ideas, performed carefully and successfully sh

The family in that city, starring Wu Di, is currently on the air in the Golden Eagle independent theater of Hunan Satellite TV. The play is directed by Shao Jinghui, written by Tao Tao, and performed by Ma Yuan, Tong Lei, Sarina, Li Jianyi, Wu Di, Zhang Yabei, Wang Yuchao and other powerful actors. Since its launch, the response has been gratifying, and the number of online broadcasts has exceeded 100 million. In last night's plot, Lin Zhicheng, played by Wu Di, bravely advances in the tide of reform and opening up and has a successful career, but he is also faced with a crisis when he is in a good mood.

The conflict of views caused family differences, and the audience said the play couldn't stop

Lin Zhicheng, with his tact and sophistication, after several years of ups and downs in business, has achieved great success. In his view, for the happiness of his family, it is to protect their material living conditions. In order to make a profit, he plans to start a dangerous mine. This move is opposed by his brother-in-law Wang Daming (Ma Yuan). He analyzes the danger of mining from a professional perspective and thinks that Lin Zhicheng is' blinded by money '. Lin Zhicheng's wife Wang Weidong (Kong Songjin) explains that Xiaocheng makes money to realize his self-worth. The conflict of ideas caused the family to have differences. The audience expressed that they understood the ideas and practices of each character very well, and were curious about the follow-up development. The follow-up drama couldn't stop at all.

Wu Di: the change of Lin Zhicheng reflects the change of the times

According to actor Wu Di, Lin Zhicheng's change is inevitable. He once said that the expression of the character in the play represents the change of the times. Lin Zhicheng is a trendsetter of the times. After the 728 earthquake, he lost himself. After he regained his spirits, he met with the reform and opening up policy. He quickly adapted to the trend of the times and became the first ten thousand yuan household in his family. Wu Di's meticulous performance shows Lin Zhicheng's state in different periods incisively and vividly. When he is frustrated, he drinks alone, and his eyes are slightly red; when he is satisfied, he is full of pride, and he spends a lot of money; when he is in every relationship, he is skillful. The images of "inspirational brother" and "big money Lin" have been deeply engraved in the hearts of the audience.

Wang Daming and his family, who are exploring dangerous mines, have suffered a roof fall. Will Lin Zhicheng wake up and reconsider his relationship with money? At 20:10 this evening, Hunan Satellite TV's Golden Eagle solo broadcast theater "that city, this family" continues moving.