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Zhao Wei won the top ten public welfare figures, but netizens won't buy it! Chen Shu and LV Jiarong

2018 has come to an end, and all kinds of activities and ceremonies in the entertainment circle have started again. Following the biennial Huabiao award, a grand public welfare ceremony, actor alliance, has been held recently. This grand ceremony brought together many caring people from the public welfare circle, entertainment circle and business circle to commend the actors who have made outstanding contributions to China's public welfare industry in the past year. Among them, Zhao Wei, Chen Shu, Lanxi, LV Jiarong, Yu Shaoqun and other stars were invited to attend.

Zhao Wei is a female star who attaches great importance to public welfare activities. Not long ago, she went into Guangxi with Lin Xinru to help the poor, and was warmly welcomed by many local people. At the same time, she has been focusing on leukemia public welfare activities, calling on her fans to join the V love leukemia foundation. Zhao Wei, who has funded 138 leukemia patients, won the "top ten public welfare figures of the year" award at this grand ceremony, and then said: public welfare is not big or small, and a little bit of heart is to pay.

Although Zhao Wei won the "top ten public welfare figures of the year" award, netizens didn't buy it. Many netizens thought that Zhao Wei really used the name of public welfare and charity to clean up her mistakes. Some netizens think that Zhao Wei is already a Singaporean citizen and is no longer suitable for the selection of this Chinese public welfare person. It seems that Zhao Wei's character has been greatly reduced because of her previous mistakes. Compared with Zhao Wei, Chen Shu and LV Jiarong, who were on the same stage at the grand ceremony, were applauded by netizens for their awards.

Since his debut, Chen Shu has been acting in the entertainment circle in a down-to-earth way, with no hype and scandal. With his superb acting skills, he has always had a good reputation in the hearts of the audience. In the past three years, Chen Shu has been conducting various public welfare activities in a low-key way, not only going deep into Huangzhong of Qinghai Province to participate in the "dream Caravan" public welfare activities, but also helping children's literacy education in remote areas for many times. Chen Shu deserves the award of "top ten public welfare figures of the year". Her contribution to the public welfare without any reward has won everyone's applause.

Young actress LV Jiarong has been making low-key progress in public welfare undertakings. She does not boast or challenge, but only does practical work. She has participated in Soong Ching Ling public welfare fund for two consecutive years, continuously delivering a strong positive social energy. Not only that, a while ago, LV Jiarong also participated in the charity activity of "Qianli Tibet student bank" initiated by thread public welfare, and sold his idle baby on the thread public welfare platform, contributing to the student bank. At the same time, she also called on everyone to take out their idle items for charity sale, so that love can gather into a warm force!

At this public welfare ceremony of actors alliance, LV Jiarong, who spoke for the public welfare in the name of love, won the "love ambassador" award, and then said that he would continue to pay attention to the public welfare projects, and the road of public welfare will never stop! Seeing this kind of Lu Jiarong, who exudes positive energy all over, many netizens call out: for the public good, I circle fans!

It has to be said that the love activities of Chen Shu and LV Jiarong set up a just public welfare image for all of us!