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"Special forces" exposes the poster of heartless edition, Yi Kun works for his own welfare in the na

Yesterday, the main theme of the Anti Japanese war drama "special forces in the enemy's rear" exposed the poster of the "heartless version" of the hot-blooded return. Yi Kun, who is also a screenwriter, leading actor and director, plays the "first sniper" Qilian City, full of murders, tears and laughter. His bloody anger shakes people's hearts. He stands upright with a pistol, his eyes full of determination and fearlessness. With you here, I am More peace of mind, let's pay tribute to the immortal soul of the army.

Yi Kun used his position to write his own Qilian City

At present, the TV series "special forces in the enemy's rear" is being popular on Zhejiang satellite TV, and the audience rating is far ahead of the whole network and the whole station. As the screenwriter, leading actor and director of the play, Yi Kun will watch it on time every night with the audience. He said frankly that in the process of watching the play, he also found a lot of creative problems and regrets. I think he can do better. But it's too late for the work to be broadcast. It belongs to the audience and is a work completed by the audience and the creator.

When it comes to this work that has paid more efforts than others, Yi Kun has endless words. He said that this is the first time that he has held three positions in a work. As a screenwriter, actor and director, he should be responsible for the work first. Under this premise, the identity of an actor can be changed again and again. But in the early stage, I only have one identity, that is, a screenwriter, and I am in the guarantee On the premise of the play, I can write my own Qilian City, and take advantage of my position, ha ha, 'if I can, why not' (laughter).

Every character of Yikun is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people

When it comes to war dramas, people always feel old-fashioned. Therefore, at the beginning of his creation, Yi Kun hoped to be able to seek novelty and change. He set the background of the drama on the Myanmar battlefield in 1942, and made use of the current American style equipment provided by the United States, China and the United Kingdom to the special forces, so as to create a new look and ears from the form to the environment. Secondly, the play adopts the American way of narration. The diversity of the current film and the script is almost the same, that is to say, one episode in the script is the actual broadcast content. In this way, it will be very clear about the rhythm of a single episode and the arrangement of the position of the play, so as to achieve relaxation, reduce a lot of actual waste, and make full use of the effective time.

From Yang Mo, male No.2 in the legend of gun god, Zhen Yi, male No.2 in Furong Jue, sunspot of male No.2 in hunting blade, ran Zhigao, male No.2 in the last soldier, to Qilian City, male No.2 in special forces deep behind the enemy, Yi Kun has been working hard and quietly as a green leaf, but each role is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and his silent dedication is visible. This film is written by His own works have finally made us realize the actor Yi Kun who has been in the industry for 18 years, and also made us know Qi Liancheng, a talented sniper who is humorous and happy.