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Singer Zhang Lei helps public welfare activities

Recently, Zhang Lei, the national champion of the voice of China in the fourth quarter, has made a trip to Hangzhou and Guangzhou for public welfare, contributing to public welfare activities and sending winter warmth to people in need!

"Curious baby" Zhang Lei is a snack

Public welfare activities have always been a topic of great concern to us. Zhang Lei's incarnation as' public welfare ambassador 'was invited to Hangzhou to participate in the "2018 public welfare live broadcast ceremony of poverty alleviation" jointly held by Alibaba and the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League to help the people out of poverty and devote themselves to the national public welfare action. On the day of the activity, Zhang Lei not only attended the red carpet ceremony with all leaders, but also lit the launching ceremony for the public welfare activity, helping the poverty alleviation plan together. At the event, Zhang Lei brought you the main song "fragments" from the new album "time fragments". He also parachuted into the food studio and saw that the food on the table was a "curious baby" interacting with fans. He joked that he entered the food studio to reveal the nature of food!

Pay close attention to public welfare with sincerity and sing a warm tune to warm your heart

From Hulunbuir to Hangzhou and Guangzhou, Zhang Lei spoke again for the public welfare and attended the fourth perfect public welfare image festival as a guest. Zhang Lei played and sang a song "dear child" in the performance, which tells the story of Guo Xiaoping, principal of Linfen red ribbon school. Zhang Lei, with his warm voice and sincere emotion, in his own way, sent the winter warmth to the children and the workers who paid for them. In the interview after the performance, Zhang Lei mentioned: "official account has been involved in many public welfare activities recently. I think it is a very meaningful activity to make use of our public appeal to contribute to our society. This is our duty and obligation." It is imperative to help the public welfare. Let's follow singer Zhang Lei to pay attention to the public welfare, and send warmth to those who need help with our own meager efforts!