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Wang Rong appeared in "masked singer" to sing "wild flowers" topic, the queen returns to literary st

in the latest issue of "masked singer guess guess", the little boss, which has aroused public discussion, finally unveils the mystery, and the Divine Song ᦇ 10133; the topic queen ᦇ Wang Rong ﹣ appears in surprise, and a classic folk song "wild flower" has become the most fierce "memory killing" in 2018, which has attracted public discussion.

Since "I'm not Huang Rong" became famous, the transgender Wang Rong's style has gone all the way to "happy day", "bad sister", "chicken" and many other electronic dance music. Although it has brought a breakthrough in style and a bumper harvest of hits, it has aroused the public's attention. But it seems that the impression of that literary and artistic style of music talent in the public mind is also more and more far away. Until a song "wild flowers" was performed, it not only brought the public back to that classic era by virtue of the song, but also made many old fans see the goddess of literature and art in the past, and called on the goddess to have more love songs of literary style.

Lao Mao, Wang Rong's agent and producer, the godfather of Shenqu, said: "Wang Rong is a singer who has been looking for breakthroughs. The queen of Shenqu is just an unexpected harvest on the road of music, not her theme. Songs like this year's release of the new song "half a song" are affectionate and experimental music, music has no limit. We will always break through and challenge ourselves. '