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Zhao Da's "big river" starts tonight

On December 10, the contemporary TV series "big river" produced by noon sunshine, produced by Hou Hongliang, directed by Kong Sheng and Huang Wei, written by Yuan Keping and Tang Yao, starred by Wang Kai, Yang Shuo and Dong Zijian, and starred by Zhao DA and Shi Shi, will be launched on the golden files of Beijing Satellite TV and Eastern satellite TV tonight. The play is adapted from the novel "the river goes East" written by a Nai. It mainly tells the exploration and breakthrough of the pioneers represented by song Yunhui, Lei Dongbao and Yang Xun in the first decade of reform and opening up since 1978. The three reflect the changes and development of the state-owned economy, collective economy and individual economy in those years, and depict a magnificent era picture scroll. At the Beijing press conference of "big river" held last week, Zhao Da attended and shared many insights and experiences of his participation, and sincerely recommended this high-quality play to you.

Zhao Da plays "looking for Jianxiang" to celebrate the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up

For the audience who don't know much about the traditional drama routine, the acting skills and plot trend of the actors are undoubtedly the focus of their most attention. It's worth mentioning that the costumes, props and scenery of "big river" are all built by the crew in accordance with the characteristics of the time, which ensures the quality and spirit of the times, and makes it easier for the actors to immerse themselves, go deep into the role and complete better performances. Zhao Da plays Xun Jianxiang, a domineering and enthusiastic worker in Jinzhou factory, in the big river. He has long hair, big temples, flowered shirt and bell bottoms. His dress is very eye-catching, which can be called "Jinzhou factory's fashion responsibility". He is a roommate with song Yunhui, played by Wang Kai. He can't get used to seeing each other at the beginning, but later he gets in touch with each other and becomes a good brother. As a brother, Xun Jianxiang always protects Song Yun Hui, many times for him to fight against injustice, but also often enlighten song Yunhui, for his guidance, the two established a profound revolutionary friendship. For the girl he likes, he has been guarding her silently, even changing everything. Under the seemingly informal appearance of Xun Jianxiang, he is actually extremely gentle and delicate.

Zhao Da's acting skills are superb, seeking diversified breakthroughs

Zhao Da, with a professional background, has successfully created many popular characters. The plateau, the leader of the army dog team in the TV series "magic dog", the principled "Wang fat man" in "the ancient city of ghost blowing the lamp", the anti drug police Dazi in "undercover", Zhu Nan in the movie "behind the scenes" and Qiao Fangyuan in "sky hunting" have all left a deep impression on the audience. Different from previous dramas, the complicated relationship between characters and fierce conflicts in the play "big river" still make it difficult for actors to interpret the role. Fans have expressed their expectations about how Zhao Da will interpret the role of "Xun Jianxiang". I believe that with the broadcast of "big river", the audience will have a deeper understanding of Zhao da.

At 19:30 tonight, Beijing Satellite TV and Dongfang satellite TV will be on time. Iqiyi, Youku and Tencent will be on line simultaneously. We will see each other!