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Film and television with good resources

In short, "movie face" is to describe a person's advanced facial features, three-dimensional outline, high recognition, easy to remember at a glance on the screen. Taking a broad view, there are many stars with good faces in the entertainment industry, but few of them have movie faces. LV Jiarong is one of them. With her unique movie face, she owns a lot of movie and TV Resources and fashion resources. At the same time, she has also attracted a lot of controversy. She not only takes away Zheng Shuang's part, but also has an incessant affair with Chen Weiting!

Lu Jiarong gulinaza phenomenon level face bumping netizen: not the same person

There are many strange things in the world. Some people have the same name and surname, while others look the same. And the entertainment industry is also a circle with a high rate of face collision. For example, LV Jiarong and gulinaza have perfect face collision, which often makes people confused. In the recently popular "my nanny Handbook", LAN LAN, who is played by LV Jiarong, is once again painted by netizens with a bullet screen like "face bump" because her modeling temperament is the same as gulina. It seems that having a "movie face" does not bring all the benefits. Unfortunately, it may cause a lot of trouble.

"My nanny's Handbook" Lv Jiarong takes a lot of parts from Zheng Shuang

The most likely cause of a TV play is the fight between actors and actresses, and this' war without gunpowder 'often occurs in various popular TV plays. For example, it appeared in the recently popular "my nanny Handbook" and caused a heated discussion on the Internet. Zheng Shuang plays the robot Saori in the play. From the title of the play, it can be seen that she is the No.1 woman. However, her position is not highlighted at all in the play. On the contrary, LAN LAN, who is played by LV Jiarong, seems to be a 'legitimate woman owner'. Her share in the play is more than twice that of Zheng Shuang. Many netizens think that LV Jiarong has taken away a large number of Zheng Shuang's share.

"Happy fate" is still a scandal

LV Jiarong and Chen Weiting got married because of their cooperation in "fate comes to happiness". One is the boss of a powerful and cool beauty, and the other is the warm man with a dark stomach. They have a lot of rival plays in the play, which makes the audience feel full of CP from their eyes. In life, LV Jiarong is a film and television producer, while Chen Weiting is a popular student, with the same strong sense of CP. After repeated pushing and shoving by netizens, the two soon spread rumors about their love affair, which intensified. Today, both LV Jiarong and Chen Weiting are busy with their respective performing careers, and they don't have much contact. However, their affair has not ended because of the transition of time.