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Missing persons: Chen Xiaoxu and Zhang Zhilu challenge the suspense Super Series

Youku's realistic suspense sci-fi drama "missing people" recently launched in Yunnan. The play is jointly directed by Wang Ruixin and Shi Chengye. Lu Yulai, Liu Chang, Chen Xiaozu, Chen Haoyu, Zhao Yang, Zhang Zhilu, Wang Zichen and other actors are the best performers. Six survivors of a car accident are fetters of each other's fate in the mysterious valley. How to expose the intrigue behind the suspense?

Chen Xiaoxu accidentally involved in strange situation

"Missing persons" tells the story of six survivors trapped in a mysterious valley after a car accident. Chen Xiaoxu plays the role of a missing person. He was involved in a mysterious mystery because of an accident. In the process of seeking a way out, he experienced the dilemma of supernatural phenomenon and found the amazing secret hidden in the valley. Driven by the plot, everyone's secret is gradually revealed.

Chen Xiaozu was a smart Tina in Xiao BIE Li and a four heart sister in Ruyi Zhuan. She is also Chen Xiaozu who is remembered for her superb acting skills in the birth of an actor. In the "super new Star Games", she also won many fans with her outstanding swimming and gymnastics circle. Fans say that the swimming champion who can't act is not a good gymnast. In the future, there will also be "youth fight", "reading heart", "love under the stars" and other dramas to meet us.

Zhang Zhilu's breakthrough challenge suspense drama

Zhang Zhilu plays another survivor in missing people, who is trapped in the valley like the other five. They come here with different secrets. In the dangerous and mysterious valley, he embarked on an inescapable journey of self salvation.

Zhang Zhilu has played many roles that we are familiar with. Whether it's Xiao Xiazi in the general on the top, long er in Fengyun 2, or Liang Kuan in the unparalleled scholar Huang Feihong. But this time he boldly tried a different style of suspense drama. Break through yourself in acting skills and challenge more exquisite acting skills! Zhang Zhilu's "love without trace" and "I'll wait for you in the future" will also present us with different highlights.

At present, "missing persons" is being filmed. Let's see how Chen Xiaozu and Zhang Zhilu bring us wonderful interpretation.