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"Invincible destruction 2" super full color eggs, the first category of Disney and Pixar

Haige entertainment news: "invincible destruction 2: making a big fuss over the Internet" is being shown in various courtyards. After six years from "invincible destruction", fans finally welcome the sequel. It's going to be a brand new adventure. Ralph and Winnie lope are going to fight the Internet. This sequel gathers all kinds of eggs. Even those who have seen this movie may not have completely mastered the eggs and stalks, from Disney movies and Pixar movies to marvel and Star Wars series. Today, let's count the eggs in this movie, which can be divided into three categories. In this article, let's talk about the first category - Disney and Pixar.

The most eye-catching scene, of course, is the scene of Disney Princesses in casual clothes chatting with Winnie lope. To tell you the truth, for the sake of this play, "invincible destruction 2: making a big splash on the Internet" should be able to attract millions of fans from all over the world who grew up watching these Disney movies to rush into the cinema! However, the fans who went to see all know that the stem of Disney Princess is just the tip of the iceberg! This article makes a super detailed and comprehensive egg platter for you, and also helps you to classify them What about it

The following involves a lot of spoilers! Fans who haven't seen the film, please read it carefully!

The first category: Disney and Pixar


Dumbo is from Disney's fourth classic animation in 1941. With the upcoming live action version of "Dumbo" in March 2019, Disney's introduction of Dumbo into "invincible destruction 2" is obviously a clever and resourceful move. No one will not recognize the little flying elephant, especially when it spreads its wings, oh no, it spreads its ears in the air.

You can see it flying around as winilop walks towards the 'oh my Disney' building. Fortunately, the little flying elephant in the movie doesn't wear clown makeup like in the latest Trailer!

Buzz Lightyear: Toy Story

Buss Lightyear was there before winilop arrived at the Disney building. I'm sure Pixar fans will find him at a glance. The reason why he appeared in "destruction 2" must be that Disney also has commercial considerations -- to raise fans' expectations for the future "Toy Story 4".


Tinker Bell is almost the mascot of Disney brand. She is an animated character loved by generation after generation of children. Maybe it's because she is petite, but she has a strong personality? Since her debut in 1953's "Peter Pan", the image of the wonderful fairy has been loved by adults and children.

In destruction II, when winilop successfully sneaks into the Disney building, we can see the figure of the wonderful fairy dancing. The scene of winilop looking back at the lunch table is the easiest one for us to capture the wonderful fairy.

Dwarfs love to be angry

This short man named AI Qi was born many years earlier than the angry cat. He is one of the dwarfs in snow white and the seven dwarfs. Despite his name 'love angry', he has always been the most popular of the seven dwarfs. Anyone who has seen snow white and the seven dwarfs should know that there is a kind heart like gold hidden under the appearance of his short temper.

Love angry last guest star in other Disney movies, but also back to the "Lion King" so far. In "destruction II", we can see Winnie lope running past him while escaping from the imperial commandos. You guessed right, this angry little man is also angry.

Nick Wilde: Crazy animal City

Presumably, some of Disney's guest stars, including Nick Wilde, who is from "mad animal city" and has become friends with Judy & middot; hopes, should be considered as one of the youngest animation stars. Although he has no lines in "invincible destruction 2", his appearance is still very eye-catching. He was originally a cunning fox, but after the journey of "crazy animal city", he became the most popular character in the film.

It's certainly a great pleasure to see Nick Wilde again in "king of destruction 2". As winilop sprints across the Disney building, she almost bumps into Nick Wilde, who is licking his signature popsicle. This scene takes place before winilop breaks into the room where the Disney Princesses live.

Mouse, JAQ and GUS -- Cinderella

Cinderella, who lives in her wicked stepmother's house, has few things, but her mouse is always with her. These weird little mice are her friends and tailors. Before the magic fairy appeared, JAQ and GUS were the two smart mice who helped Cinderella prepare for the dance dress. JAQ and GUS always appear in pairs, and there is no exception in invincible destruction 2. They appear near the end of the film as the Disney Princesses begin their rescue mission.


This tail is a little donkey nailed to the body. Since the 1960s, Yi'er has been an indispensable member of the Disney animation family. Just like "Sadness" in "brain agents", Yi Er is always in low mood and droops his head. But its friends are always by its side, trying to support it and make it happy. In destruction II, when winilop arrives at the Disneyland building, Yi'er says a line in her signature low voice.

Princess and frog

In Princess and frog, Diana and Marvin appear on the screen in the form of frogs for a long time, so the image of frog prince Marvin is very well known. Princess and frog is an adaptation of classic fairy tales. In the fairy tale, the princess falls in love with the frog, and after giving the frog a kiss, she turns the frog into a prince. But in the movie Princess and frog, it didn't work as expected. Tiana and Marvin have to escape the curse of the devil to get rid of the dilemma of both trapped in the frog body.

In a scene near the end of "destruction II", Diana gives Ralph a frog very similar to Prince Marvin and asks him to kiss the frog. As for what happens after that, you have to find out for yourself!

Rice cake (Meeko)

Many Disney princesses have as beautiful horses as they do, but the aboriginal Princess baokangjiadi doesn't have that luxury mount. Princess baokangjiadi's animal companions are a little raccoon named rice cake and a hummingbird. Rice cake has appeared many times in "invincible Destruction King 2", just like when you watch "strange fate in the wind", its existence should not be too eye-catching, so that you can't move your eyes.

Rice cake can almost be regarded as the pet cat of Princess baokangjiadi. It even hisses like an angry cat in the scene where winilop and a group of Disney princesses are together.

Moana: the ocean

In "the ocean", Moana, a baby, just wants to be closer to the ocean. In destruction 2, baby Moana just wants to play her waffle shake. Moana appeared between the subtitles at the end of "destruction II" and told her mother that she loved the film.

Aunt Cass: Super Marines

This is probably one of my favorite colored eggs, because it is the most easily missed. When they first arrived on the Internet, Ralph and winilop were welcomed by the auto pop-up ads that everyone hated most. One of the ads is for "vicious housewives.". Although we didn't see the end of the ad, one of the housewives who wanted to meet Ralph in the ad turned out to be aunt CASS in "super Marines.". This advertisement chooses aunt Cass is undoubtedly very representative, especially her poisonous tongue and evil spirit temperament. But aunt Cass is single and has her own small company. She's not a housewife.

Magic Mickey: Fantasia

When winilop arrives at the Disney control center in the Internet, it's easy to dazzle people with a lot of content, but it's worth noting that the first shot shows us the frog, iron man and X-Wing fighter. Although you may be dazzled by too many Disney characters, the most eye-catching one is, of course, a huge magician hat as the central decoration of Disney animation. This magic hat comes from the 1940 Disney animation Fantasia. The size of the hat may not even be noticed. At the top of the hat stands Mickey Mickey Mouse! He wears the same hat, just like in the 1940 movie, performing his magic. Although we can see Mickey Mouse's iconic ears everywhere in destruction II, it's really satisfying to see Mickey Ben in the movie. Its appearance is also very timely, after all, this is its birthday.

This is love Cinderella

Only from a comedy point of view, the scene of Disney Princess getting together in one room should be regarded as the best scene of "invincible destruction 2". Listening to the princesses talking about the terrier in their films and laughing at themselves, it would be a passage in the history of films. One of the stalks that most viewers may have missed is the obscure stalks Cinderella mentioned. After all the princesses said goodbye to their luxurious princess dresses and put on their casual clothes, Cinderella said 'this is love' and gave a satisfied smile. This line is actually the name of the song Cinderella sings when she dances with the prince in Cinderella. It seems that prince charming and a pair of pajamas are equivalent to Cinderella.

Humphrey the bear in the bag

Ralph and winilop stroll in the Internet's' streets' full of countless eggs, almost unable to capture all of them. However, it is worth mentioning, and my personal favorite is Humphrey the bear. He dances along the street and picks up trash, a perfect reproduction of a scene from the 1956 Disney short film in the bag. Humphrey the big bear obviously can't compare with Disney's big stars, such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and goofy dog. But this humorous and lovely bear appeared in several Disney's short films in the 1950s, and also won several short films with its own leading role. This role may not be very impressive, but it seems to be an indispensable existence in Disney's history, and it's really a warm smile to meet it again in "invincible destruction 2".

Secret code 'A113'

As Disney or Pixar fans know, A113 is a magic number alphabet combination that appears in almost every contemporary Disney and Pixar movie. The secret code refers to a classroom at the California Academy of the arts, where many of today's greatest animators have taught