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Wu Yifan's face is muddled and fat. The real body of the hot dance in "next station legend" is Wang

Haige entertainment news: in recent years, Hong Kong artist Wang Zulan has been known by the public for his participation in "run bar". Although Wang Zulan is not tall, he is relatively weak in strength, but his humorous performance in "run bar" is very popular with the audience. A few years ago, Wang Zulan also participated in a variety show called "the show of a hundred changes". In the show, Wang Zulan disguised herself and imitated many people. Recently, he took part in the recording of the new program "you didn't expect it" and came to "Legend of the next stop". For fear of being recognized, he disguised himself as a little fat man and joined the team. Wu Yifan didn't recognize him during the whole performance, and he always looked puzzled.

Wang Zulan recorded a new program "you never thought of it". He went all over the place to make a surprise. This time, he went to another program "Legend of the next station". He put on a fake face and glasses. He changed his appearance into a little fat man and went to the talent show as an ordinary person. He took the pseudonym 'Wang Jiahao' and the stage name 'Xiao Feirou', and mixed with other contestants. Except for a few program directors, he completely concealed all relevant personnel.

At the beginning of the competition, Wang Zulan and the other two contestants stepped on the stage together. When they heard the music broadcast, they immediately began to improvise. Although their movements were exaggerated, they suddenly caught the eyes of their tutors. Chen Weiting and Hu Haiquan all asked 'what's the situation of the fat man in the middle','the little fat boy is so cute, what's he doing '. Although they thought it was a little funny, they couldn't help praising' he danced very well 'and let Wang Zulan pass the first level.

After the performance, Wang Zulan was asked by the tutors, because he knew Deng Ziqi well. He said in advance that he was afraid to be seen by her. As soon as he came on stage, he heard the woman say 'I think you look familiar'. He immediately became nervous and stammered: "I'm from Guangzhou. I may have seen the performance of Ziqi tutor in Guangzhou. 'because what he said was so strange, and the appearance of Yi Rong was a little unnatural, which soon made the tutors suspicious, but only Wu Yifan had no doubt and continued to comment seriously.

Wang Zulan went on to perform, and specially chose to sing Deng Ziqi's a.i.n.y. (love you), but maybe because her voice recognition is too high, she just sang three sentences, then Deng Ziqi suddenly jumped up and yelled: "ah, I know! He's Wang Zulan!" because she was still singing, she couldn't speak with the microphone, so she could only shout 'he's Wang Zulan' to the instructors nearby, which made everyone suddenly realize.

Seeing the fierce reaction of the tutors, Wang Zulan also saw that her identity had been identified. As she was singing, she suddenly inserted a sentence 'I'm wang Zulan' and finally made her identity public. The tutors warmly clapped their hands to welcome him, but only Wu Yifan was perplexed. Until the end, he couldn't believe it: "I still can't recognize him, do you just sound like him?" the funny reaction made the whole audience laugh.