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There is a huge difference between LV Jiarong's refined and unmodified drawings! The demon mirror un

South Korea's plastic surgery and Japan's make-up surgery are not as good as China's P-map surgery. We ordinary people in our daily life more or less will refine their photos, not to mention the entertainment industry those who are more beautiful than the sky star? As public figures, stars often attend some entertainment activities, and often the pictures they or their studio send out are refined and almost perfect, but the pictures from the perspective of passers-by are often far from them. Let's take a look at the gap between the refined and unmodified pictures of mainland popular actress LV Jiarong.

Recently, LV Jiarong exposed a group of high-definition live activity photos in fashion activities in Shanghai, which made netizens call out: the beauty of the entertainment industry! From this group of high-definition photos, we can see that LV Jiarong wears a long red skirt and a thin knitted coat to show her elegant and fashionable temperament. In the picture, LV Jiarong's facial features are very delicate, with a full sky, clear eyes like water, a high nose and a white face like jade, as if she were a perfect woman from the painting. Many fans praised her as good-looking as ever, high face value is good!

However, this is not the case with LV Jiarong in the visual China lens. The pictures taken by visual China are often directly sent out without any modification. Lu Jiarong, in the unfinished picture, has greasy hair, yellow face, and obvious lines of law and double chin. When trying to eat the active products, he just made LV Jiarong a 'foodie' and kept sucking the whitening products. Please visual China, can you grasp the angle when taking pictures of other people eating next time!

However, it is not difficult to see from the comparison of the two groups of pictures that the gap between LV Jiarong's refined and unmodified pictures is still very obvious, from a delicate girl to a rough girl, which makes netizens call out: great difference! Sure enough, no matter how resistant the appearance is, it can't resist the vision of China's' demon mirror '!

In fact, not only LV Jiarong, but also many stars in the entertainment industry have experienced the pain of refined and unmodified pictures. For example, Tang Yan, Yang Zi and Zhou Dongyu, the 'long legged Goddess' are all exposed in front of the passers-by's' demon mirror'. Without the refined pictures, they have no big long legs and become a 'photo deception'.

Refined pictures can show us the beauty of stars, and unmodified pictures can show us their shortcomings. So, for the photos of stars, do you prefer high-definition and extremely refined pictures? Or do you prefer the real photos under the 'demon mirror'?