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Wang Yuan attends Berkeley interview for music and dreams

Haige entertainment news: it has been rumored that Wang Yuan of tfboys will study abroad. Wang Yuan himself also expressed his desire to study abroad. He hoped to continue to study music abroad. We can see Wang Yuan's love and persistence for music. Wang Yuan's younger brother's attitude is indeed praiseworthy of him for choosing to study abroad when his development is booming.

Today, a netizen revealed that Wang Yuan had an interview in Beijing at Berkeley Conservatory of music, a famous American school, and the picture of his encounter was also released. It is said that Qian Zhenghao, an idol trainee, also participated in the interview. Wang Yuan's original intention is music, and his dream is music. Wang Yuan's younger brother really loves music!

If Wang Yuan really chose to go to Berkeley School, as fans, we showed respect at that time and hoped that Wang Yuan's younger brother would get better and better! When Wang Yuan's younger brother participated in the variety show "youth hostel" last year, he revealed his firm belief that he wanted to go to the United States to learn composition. At that time, the school he chose was Berkeley College in the United States.

Kerry Conservatory of music is one of the top modern music schools in the United States. It has trained generations of representative musical talents of academic music. For example, the famous singer Wang Leehom graduated from this school. In fact, Wang Yuan has been trying to write his own songs since he was 14 years old. The first song he wrote was "because I met you" for his fans. Later, he wrote a song "the most beautiful time" for his alma mater. Later, he wrote a song "Seventeen" for himself and "pride" for his mother. Wang Yuan's efforts in music can be seen bit by bit.

At the 17th birthday party of Wang Yuan last year, he sang 12 songs in less than two hours. He encouraged everyone to pursue their dreams bravely with the singer, which also implied his persistence in his dreams.

Every decision of Wang Yuan is his own right. Before he is a star, first of all, he is a person, an adult, and will have his own ideas. His own Li Xiang, everyone has his own pursuit. If he wants to go, we will all support him. Perhaps growth needs such a choice again and again, but fortunately, Wang Yuan is a boy who lives well and knows how to wrap his regrets with new happiness. Music is his original intention and also his dream. Wang Yuangang has very good clothes, very good voice, great talent and perfect inspiration and talent.

Support all the decisions made by Wang Yuan! In fact, going abroad does not mean completely fading out of the fans' view. Wang Yuan said that he would release an album. We all support all the decisions he made. Just wait patiently. The domestic environment is too impetuous. Berkeley is very good. If it's true, it's really cool. To tell you the truth, if Wang Yuan chooses his favorite music instead of acting, Xiao Bian will admire his courage!