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Li Xiandeng's free and easy cover

Haige entertainment news: actor Li Xian is strong but sunny and handsome, so he has a good sense of youth and masculinity. He once played Xie Xun in the youth campus network drama brothers sleeping in my upper bunk, Lin Tao in the suspense criminal investigation network drama forensic Qin Ming, and Guo Deyou in the network drama River God. In recent years, he has gradually become a very powerful actor with attitude. Recently, actor Li Xian appeared on the cover of the December issue of a magazine. This group of blockbusters with unique style is personally held by Li Xian's friend, who records the most real Li Xian in his life with Polaroid. From the perspective of friends, Li Xian not only has a profound aspect of literature and art, showing the state of daily self-cultivation of actors, but also has some funny comparisons, restoring the real and interesting image of Li Xian in his life. Li Xian, who is both active and quiet, doesn't pay attention to the aperture and shutter. He only takes sex as his priority. The whole group of blockbusters shows a casual attitude towards life.

The charm of the model man

Spontaneous and frank

Sunny and handsome

Funny and cute

Enchanting mystery

Wild charm

Smile warm it is reported that the drama "Honey stewed squid" and "sword Dynasty" starring Li Xian are expected to meet the audience next year.