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Where there are shoes, there will be Bai Jingting. He loves shoes as if he were "single by strength"

Haige entertainment news: in recent years, the development of Bai Jingting is also very good. The performance of the elder martial brother in whirlwind girl reminds us of Bai Jing's boy. "Whose youth is not confused" lets us see a brave and domineering teenager facing the ignorant emotion in adolescence. Lu zhiang, who is played by Bai Jingting in before the summer solstice, is more handsome, warm-hearted and humorous, which should be the image of school grass in many people's minds. In addition to film and television, Bai Jingting's sense of humor in variety shows is also very attractive. Netizens who are familiar with Bai Jingting should know how crazy Bai Jingting is about shoes. What impresses Xiaobian most is that Bai Jingting was coerced to step on shoes by his teammates many times in the program of "24 hours". We can see how much Bai Jingting loves his shoes.

Recently, Yin Zheng posted a small video on his micro blog. In the video, he was tidying up his love shoes and putting them in order. Netizens exclaimed that Yin Zheng was also a boy who loves shoes. At this time, Xiao Bai parachuted to the comment area and said: "OK.".

After getting the fair evaluation of Xiao Bai, I don't know whether Yin is happy or helpless. Bai Jingting's love for shoes has reached the stage of being possessed by the devil. Whether it's recording programs or daily life in private, shopping for shoes has become an indispensable part of his daily life. Even teacher he once revealed that once Xiao Bai invited him to eat hot pot at home. He was so moved that he finally had no choice but to sit on the stacked shoe box and eat hot pot for half a night.

Xiaobai's infatuation for shoes is really beyond description. She shows her shoes when she has nothing to do, and even takes more shoes than selfie.

Most of Xiaobai's self portraits are also associated with shoes. The protagonist is shoes and he is a prop. Netizens said that where there are shoes, there must be baijingting. Want to see an idol? Put a piece of shoes on the door of your home, and Xiaobai will come to your bowl.

Even Bai Jingting's fans joke that Bai Jingting has a shoe fetish and takes good care of his shoes. Besides, he also likes collecting shoes and often publishes his new shoes on INS. Anyway, Bai Jingting regards shoes as his girlfriend. It's no exaggeration to say that. I don't know if you remember Lin Zhi in the "24 hours" program Ying was about to step on Bai Jingting's white shoes, so Bai Jingting yelled, "don't step on my shoes" "don't step on my white shoes." so she went on the hot search.

Bai Jingting's love for shoes is always so naked and straightforward. Not long ago, Bai Jingting updated his ins. In the photo, Bai Jingting stares at a pair of sports shoes. Forgive Xiaobian for not really understanding shoes, not to mention why his eyes fall on a pair of shoes with naked love!! fans of Bai Jingting never worry about which woman will rob Bai Jingting, because they always worry about whether Aidou will be robbed by new shoes. Some netizens often make fun of Bai Jingting: "I really doubt whether he will marry a shoe seller in the future!"

not only compromise for shoes, but also go to the underground parking lot to pat shoes for shoes, and even sleep with shoes in their arms. If so, Bai Jingting, who loves shoes, has no energy to talk about girlfriends. "Single by strength" really deserves its reputation!