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Visual China is really toxic. Make the white and beautiful LV Jiarong a big oil field! It's a pity

It is said that visual China is the nemesis of female stars. Recently, it has come out to make trouble again! Not only Yang Mi, delireba, Guan Xiaotong and other actresses have been "sniped" by visual China, but now even actress LV Jiarong, who has always been praised for her good figure and good skin, has been "persecuted" by visual China. Attending activities and the red carpet are the most common activities for female stars. Visual China just stepped on LV Jiarong's itinerary and took a group of activity photos that her mother disliked. Fans said: LV Jiarong's invitation to join us You pissed you off?

The name of this group of activity diagrams is' Lu Jiarong wants to hit someone after watching it '! This greasy face, can't look directly at the double chin, sparse incomparable bangs, and can't cover the law lines, really want to ask the lighting engineer is not in a good mood recently? How can a good artist be photographed like this' big oil field '! Also, LV Jiarong's head shape is too casual. It's like she's tied up to buy vegetables on the street. Has LV Jiarong offended the stylist?

Wait a minute, isn't the impression that LV Jiarong looks like this? Mingming has well-defined facial features, high nose, bright eyes, prominent jaw line, and the clavicle is her sharp weapon! Any hairstyle can show the domineering style of Yu Jie. This is the Lu Jiarong we know! Compared with her recent activity photos, people have to sigh: how happy it is to have a highly skilled photographer.

Take a look at this picture. The black liquid that LV Jiarong is drinking with a bottle is a whitening product. Visual China takes people's faces as if they are drinking poison. No matter on the front or on the side, LV Jiarong can't escape the "oily face". Her skin is not detailed enough. Compared with the original hard photos, it's like going out without washing her face. It's totally aesthetic.

Visual China has completely wiped out LV Jiarong's "idol burden" this time! She is a delicate boss in the recently popular "my nanny's Handbook", which is so black by visual China that fans can't recognize her. Even passers-by can't help but ask: visual China, are you the devil?

Thinking of LV Jiarong's clean and neat role in the play and her smooth and confident eyes, I can't help but feel sorry for her for a minute. Are you OK with sister LAN? Lu Jiarong plays Lan Lan when the lens is basically very ornamental, from clothing to make-up, every scene of her is praiseworthy, fashion and aura, each episode of the dressing speed has basically caught up with the female number one Zheng Shuang, this kind of good clothes and good figure absolutely kill half of the entertainment industry!

It's a pity that visual China is' too real ', which brings the audience back to reality in an instant. Seeing LV Jiarong' lose the aura of fairies' in the activity, did all the fans run away?