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"The richest man in Xihong city" Xu and Dongdong are playing supporting roles! All round artists wor

This year, Xu Dongdong, born in the 1990s, has earned enough attention. From the popular TV series "adventure King Wesley" in the first half of the year to the variety show "escape from the secret room of the old house in the dark night", to the blockbuster "the richest man in Xihong city" in the second half of the year, and "the eye of dierenjie" in the Internet University, her new play "the insurance investigation of the patron saint" is going to be popular again;

With the popularity of Yu sin and the cooperation with Zhang Yishan and Zhang Jincheng, Shen Jiawen, the sister-in-law in the play, is impressive, and the title of "sister-in-law" comes from it. In the movie chasing the dragon, Xu Dongdong, together with Donnie Yen and Andy Lau, plays the double lying rose between the two big men, showing solid acting skills;

After that, Xu Dongdong also starred in the real movie "sister-in-law". Coincidentally, she cooperated with "elder brother Fu" in "remaining crimes". This time, she did not become the woman behind the elder brother and became the nemesis dominating the party. This year's "the richest man in Xihong city" completely made her angry;

The film has not only achieved good box office results, but also continued to break the critical point of comedy blockbusters, making it the highest box office comedy film at present. Xu Dongdong, the actress with brilliant performance in the film, was praised by netizens as' China's first sexy and funny actress';

In this film, Xu Dongdong plays Sha Sha, changing her previous "deep and sexy" screen image, and creating a new "sexy and funny" role of "Lengmeng silly elder sister". From the new "massage younger sister" to "tiaodi elder sister", Xu Dongdong only takes a few minutes to make a deep impression on all the audience with the "hair shaking braid dance" which is full of demons and ghosts;

At the end of the film, she shows her excellent "sexy and funny" skills with the scene of "the temptation of climbing the table and being thrown into the mud by a dog", which makes the audience laugh constantly and perfectly cooperate with Shen Teng and Chang Yuan;

In addition to the online movie "sister-in-law", it is rare to see Xu Dongdong play female No.1. Although she is not popular all the time, she plays supporting roles, but she is also popular. If she is another person, she may cry and make trouble, but Xu Dongdong has a very good attitude. She doesn't care what role she plays and won't use any means to fight for roles;

In other words, Xu Dongdong is very smart. She thinks that she is still a new person. If she wants to develop better in the circle, she must first accumulate experience, learn more from her predecessors, and pave the way for the future. Her EQ is also very high. From her interaction with netizens, we can see that she has no airs;

Outside the play, Xu Dongdong is also a chicken soup storyteller. She always calls herself 'brother Dong', 'lazy wax gourd' and 'bucket waist', so that netizens and fans can feel the intimacy. From military school flower to sexy goddess, Xu Dongdong is a straightforward all-round artist, hardworking and real.

This year is a good year for Xu Dongdong. Before the singles day, she announced that she would take off the list. This mysterious "big brother" loves her very much and has a way of cooking. She can not only make 'hot and sour potato shreds', but also make' scrambled eggs with Tomatoes', which is very suitable for Xu Dongdong.

Perhaps, this is simple happiness, entertainment industry people also want to live the life of ordinary people. In the coming year, I hope that Xu Dongdong can also pass on positive energy for us, continue to be an actor's self-cultivation, improve himself and influence others' progress at the same time. I believe that in the future, Xu Dongdong will play more 'sister-in-law', but not limited to 'sister-in-law', there will be more female No.1 waiting for her. ​​​