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There's a reason why Jiang Mengjie apologized for supporting Jiang Jinfu

It is no exaggeration to say that Jiang Jinfu's domestic violence stirred up half of the entertainment industry. Just a few days after he turned himself in, many star friends posted articles on microblog, such as Hu Ge, Jiang Mengjie, Lin Xinxin, Yu Haoming, etc. among them, Jiang Mengjie caused heated discussion among netizens because she supported Jiang Jinfu with the sentence "one slap can't make a sound", which even affected passers-by's appreciation of her work scenery In addition to Jiang Mengjie himself, the actor Lv Jiarong make complaints about the great marriage.

Jiang Mengjie supports Jiang Jinfu and is ridiculed by the crowd for 'improper speech'

On November 29, Hu Ge made a comment on "Jiang Jinfu's domestic violence" on his micro blog, the content of which was roughly "I feel very sad for this". Soon after, actor Jiang Mengjie forwarded the original text of Hu Ge's Micro blog and wrote a paragraph, but then deleted it, and sent another micro blog, the content of which was probably "we're waiting for you", and stressed that "everyone makes mistakes if you can't clap your hands." It was said that Jiang Mengjie who said this did not realize the seriousness of domestic violence! After the hot search, Jiang Mengjie gradually realized that her remarks were improper. She apologized for her words, but netizens didn't seem to want to let it go. Instead, they thought she didn't take domestic violence seriously.

Actor Lu Jiarong's melon eating day is crazed by netizens

Jiang Mengjie encountered group ridicule. Passers-by thought that she didn't do what an actor should do well, instead, she gave wrong guidance to the public. Her role in "beautiful marriage" was just like her own. In addition, another actor in the same crew, LV Jiarong, was also involved. She was Jiang Mengjie's sister in the play, and the sisters were attacked on "eating melon day" It's too miserable!

Confused and disoriented bestie rather baffling real feelings, Li Yutong recently broke the news that Joker Xue and Li Xiaolu had a leg. As Li Xiaolu's girlfriends, actor Lv Jiarong was puzzled again. "This time she joined in the whirlpool." when Li Xiaolu was in trouble a year ago, Lv Jiarong had stood up to her, and netizens were confused by her "true feelings", and now the "Lv Jiarong" is once again black. If they don't, netizens start to go crazy. AIT lujiarong comes out to watch the play. Many passers-by even satirize them as "plastic sisters.".

The two actors are so obsessed with the gossip in the entertainment circle that passers-by have a lower liking for LV Jiarong and Jiang Mengjie. The artists who don't put acting skills and learning first are no wonder that their works are not popular. It's a pity that the two actors can't bring along the good script of the scenery wedding.