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"Sea King": DC's best work in recent years

Haige Entertainment: the end of the year has come. In the last month of 2018, there are a lot of blockbusters coming out, among which the most anticipated one is DC's film sea king. And another happy news is that we will have the honor to watch "Sea King" two weeks in advance, which will be released two weeks earlier in China than in North America.

It can be said that the road of DC's manggai film has been bumpy for a long time. In addition to the widely acclaimed "Wonder Woman" released in 2017 and its slightly outstanding box office performance, it seems that the comic Empire has not succeeded in creating satisfying film and television works in its huge comic system. There are many comic superheroes with a solid fan base, such as Superman, Batman and justice alliance. However, after the film adaptation came out, the evaluation was mixed, which led to the question whether the whole DC Universe can continue to develop smoothly. To make matters worse, as Henry Carville and Ben Affleck announced their withdrawal one after another, the two actors who once represented Superman and Batman also took away the audience's last trace of nostalgia and expectation for Justice League.

However, "Sea King", which will be released at the end of this year, is likely to become a turning point for DC. Not long ago, the film held a small-scale trial in North America and Europe. Good news has finally come from the front for DC's reform. Film critics have expressed their high praise for "Sea King" after watching the film. The first round of film reviews has exploded in North America, with a favorable rate of almost 100%. Key words include the unexpected performance of Jason & middot; MoMA, the unrestrained imagination of Director Wen Ziren, the humor and ambition of the film.

"It's the best DC movie since Batman: The Dark Knight!"

Tom & middot; Jorgensen, CO anchor of the podcast of ign (parent company of rotten tomatoes), a famous American entertainment website, gave the film a very high evaluation. He believes that Wen Ziren has successfully created an epic blockbuster full of emotion, which makes the film flesh and blood, touching people's hearts through the beautiful underwater visual effects, exciting action play and humorous passages. He even called Warner brothers that he should hand over the future DC series films to Wen Ziren, because he proved his ability to steer the ship through "Sea King".

Geman & middot; Lucille, who represents the famous American technology blog Gizmodo and entertainment review blog io9, is also full of praise for sea king. He thinks the best part of the film is its undisguised, dramatic and ambitious imagination. Although there are some unsatisfactory parts, it doesn't affect the grand feeling and shock degree of the film as a whole. He named "Sea King" the second perfect film in the history of DC. According to speculation, the number one in Germain's mind is wonder woman.

'it's crazy, but it's a pleasure. '

Eric & middot; Davis, executive editor in chief of Fandango, one of the three major online ticketing websites in the United States, immediately tweeted a good review after watching the movie. Similarly, he used the phrase 'ambitious' to describe the DC film, calling it a visual feast full of motion and joy. He believes that all these are due to the Director Wen Ziren's accurate control and promotion of the theme, so that the story can be interesting and conquer the audience at the same time.

"Created a unique superhero movie!"

Scott Menzel, the founder of Los Angeles online film review network, also expressed his love for sea king for the first time. While emphasizing the ambition and interest of the film, Scott also attributed the credit to Director Wen Ziren. He thinks that as a unique underwater superhero, Haiwang can create a special superhero through the original story. The visual effect of the film is also part of Scott's praise.

'imagine Schwarzenegger playing avatar in the 1980s. '

Andrew & middot; dais, a reporter from screenrant, a famous American film review network, describes the film as "breathless with excitement" and thinks that the film is "strange but very beautiful". While making no mistakes, he laughs constantly in the second part of the film, highlighting the humorous and comic elements of the film. In order to describe the visual effect of Sea King more vividly, Andrew mentioned avatar, which was praised as "redefining visual effects" in 2009, which can be described as a very high evaluation.

Jenna Bush, a famous American film critic, praised the sea king and its star Jason MOMA in an exclamatory tone. She said that this was a very satisfying experience for her as a DC fan, and she successfully realized all her expectations for the film. Because of the confidentiality clause, she can't spy, but obviously can't restrain her enthusiasm for the second brush or even the third brush.

In addition to a series of unambiguous praise comments, the rest of the film reviews, though a little calm, also praised the film. For example, Peter hilletta, the founder of slashfilm, a famous American film review website, calmly said that the film was' better than expected '. He thinks that the film feels like the early works of marvel, which not only retains the original texture and cartoon sense of cartoon, but also enhances the drama and story. Unlike other film critics, Peter did not mention Director Wen Ziren, but praised the performance of black manta ray. He also made it clear that there is something unsatisfactory in the film. "The third act of the film does not fall into the stereotyped superhero type, which is a surprise. But a lot of my dissatisfaction may come from some of Wen's decisions, such as casting, and the love play between amebo & middot; hild and Jason & middot; MoMA, etc. '

American director, screenwriter and film critic Michael Miller also expressed his recognition of the film through a relatively objective tone. He said that "Sea King" should be able to say that it will meet the expectations of all DC fans, or even exceed them. In addition to a completely fictional world, the film's lively action play and interesting soundtrack, as well as the performance of Jason & middot; MoMA, all prove that DC finally has a combination that can produce sparks this time. At the same time, he praised "Sea King" as the star wars under the sea, and affirmed the art design of the film.

The famous film critic Scott & middot; wambler didn't expect much from the film, but after watching the film, he said on twitter that although he was reluctant to admit it, he really enjoyed the watching process of "Sea King" and advised his fans to watch it in the cinema as much as possible to get the best viewing effect. Film critic Jim & middot; vyoda also expressed a similar point of view, saying that the film as a whole seems to have more points. Although there are many ridiculous plots in the details, it is still a logical film when it is put together. The film critic Mike rugger only commented a week after watching the film, saying it was flawed, but it was good enough. He also praised the acting skills of the stars Jason MoMA and Patrick Wilson, calling them "gems.".

Fans in North America said they were "uncomfortable" after reading the film reviews because there were still three weeks before the film was released. But we can be sure that the film has gathered a high degree of attention and is likely to get a good box office performance. "Sea King" will be released in China on December 7 and will be released in North American Theaters on December 21.