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The day after he was beaten, he went shopping with Jiang Jinfu for dinner? Doubt on injury identific

Haige Entertainment: Recently, Jiang Jinfu's domestic violence against his ex girlfriend, Yuhua Nakamura, has been a hot topic. Since the afternoon of November 28, Jiang Jinfu turned himself in to the Tokyo Chaoya police station, the matter has finally entered the legal process. All the facts will gradually come to the surface. Jiang Jinfu admitted that he had beaten Zhongpu Youhua on October 12, but his lawyer denied the woman's earlier description that she had been beaten by Jiang Jinfu for many days and her teeth were broken and the room was full of blood. As a result, netizens speculated that Zhongpu Youhua's words may not be all true. However, some netizens recently revealed that the testimony of Zhongpu Youhua was not true.

On November 29, a friend of Zhongpu Youhua published a diagnosis of injury that Zhongpu said he had been raped by his cohabitant (Jiang Jinfu) on October 8, 11 and 12, and slapped lawyer Jiang in the face. Then the plot reverses. A netizen reveals that he once ran into Jiang Jinfu and Zhongpu Youhua on October 9. At that time, they were very close, not like they had just experienced a great conflict. On October 8, they also had a close group photo uploaded, contrary to Zhongpu's statement that they were beaten that day.

The cause of Jiang Jinfu's domestic violence against his girlfriend, Youhua Nakamura, was that on October 23, some netizens revealed that Jiang Jinfu and his girlfriend, whom he had been dating while studying in Japan, had taken a relationship with each other, and deleted the previous photo of Xiu Enai, which was suspected to have broken up. On November 15, another article said that Jiang Jinfu disappeared in Japan in mid October 2018 and his whereabouts were unknown. On November 20, Jiang Jinfu's girlfriend, Zhongpu Youhua, showed several bruised photos of her face and body on social media, claiming that Jiang Jinfu had committed domestic violence against her. Zhongpu Youhua also said that Jiang Jinfu's whereabouts were unknown, which was really related to her. On November 20, Jiang Jinfu issued a letter admitting domestic violence.

On November 27, a Japanese TV station broadcast the latest content of Pu Youhua's interview. According to Nakamura, during her association with Jiang Jinfu, she found that Jiang was a very emotional person. In the past, when I was angry in the taxi, I would do it, and I would find a place where there was no one to abuse her. At first, Jiang Jinfu's violence was not serious. But later, Jiang Jinfu's violence escalated and became a routine, and even committed atrocities in front of people many times. In addition to knocking out the woman's two teeth, grasping the neck and pinching her neck, she will also use a hammer to hit her in serious cases. Even when Zhongpu Youhua was sleeping, he suddenly resorted to violence. The reason was that Jiang Jinfu dreamed that the woman had done something wrong.

Nakamura said it was difficult for him to escape from Jiang Jinfu. He tried to escape several times, but he threatened with a kitchen knife. Zhongpu Youhua recalled that in the ultimate violent incident that happened last month, Jiang Jinfu beat her from 12:00 in the middle of the night until the morning. My home was full of blood. I couldn't move. He was still fighting. I thought he was going to be killed. And take advantage of Jiang Jinfu go out gap, Pu Youhua alarm and was sent to the hospital by the police.

On the afternoon of November 28, Jiang Jinfu, who had disappeared for a long time after the domestic violence, was accompanied by lawyers, interpreters and other personnel to surrender himself to the Chaoya police station in Tokyo, Japan. During the police interrogation, Jiang Jinfu admitted that he had beaten Zhongpu Youhua on the 12th of last month, but the lawyer also said that the woman's statement that Jiang Jinfu had broken her teeth and covered the room with blood during the violence was not true. As for the woman's statement that Jiang Jinfu often had violent acts in his daily life, the lawyer said it was inconvenient to disclose.

On November 28, a good friend of Zhongpu Youhua sun out Zhongpu's earlier injury report. According to the report, Nakamura was diagnosed with injuries to his cheeks, thighs, hindbrain and chest. At the same time, my friend Po also produced a screenshot, including a picture of the falling teeth of China Pudong Development Corporation and a conversation about Jiang Jinfu's violent behavior. According to the patient's statement in the diagnosis, Zhongpu said that he was injured on October 8, October 11 and October 12 respectively, and was severely beaten by his cohabitant (Jiang Jinfu). Based on this evidence, Zhongpu friends denounced lawyer Jiang for not hitting the woman's teeth.

However, after the exposure of the report, Jiang Jinfu's good friend questioned him, saying that although the diagnosis at the top of the report did say that Zhongpu was injured, the date of the 8th, 11th and 12th, including the cause of the injury, was Zhongpu Youhua's own description, which was too subjective.

On October 8, director Takeuchi Liang released a group photo

On October 8, Jiang Jinfu had a dinner with his girlfriend

Another netizen also provided some evidence that Jiang Jinfu did not hit people on the 8th. Some netizens said that when they were shopping in Japan on October 9, they ran into Jiang Jinfu and Zhongpu Youhua. At that time, they looked very sweet. Zhongpu Youhua didn't look like she had just suffered from violence. On October 8, the two also shared a photo of Jiang Jinfu and Zhongpu having a dinner together. The photo showed that they were very happy, contrary to Zhongpu's statement that they were beaten that day. According to the hospital address survey on the injury form, some netizens said that the hospital seemed not very formal. We can only wait for the verification of the law whether things are like the disclosure of netizens.