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"My nanny's Handbook" plays better than "king of fire" by Zheng Shuangjing and Tian Da (picture and

Hunan Satellite TV has always been known as the 'audience overlord', whether it is a variety show or a TV series, the ratings are among the top of the major satellite TV. However, this year's Hunan Satellite TV seems to have encountered a bottleneck period, the ratings plummeted, and several hot dramas released in succession failed to reach the expected ratings. Recently, Hunan Satellite TV once again released the annual finale "king of fire" to try to turn the tide, but the audience rating is not ideal, even the network broadcast volume has been "my nanny manual" strong crush.

"My nanny Handbook" Zheng Shuang's face and LV Jiarong's acting skills

In the eyes of the audience, "my nanny's Manual" is a very relaxed and joyful "next meal drama". The whole story reflects the real and heavy entertainment circle in a way of "comedy performance", which alleviates the pressure of the audience to a certain extent, so it has always had a good success in webcasting. In addition, the play is also a youth idol drama with good looks and acting skills. Zheng Shuang takes on good looks and LV Jiarong takes on acting skills.

I believe everyone can see Zheng Shuang's beauty. In the play, she has a variety of shapes and is full of girlish feeling. It can be said that she is back to the peak of her beauty. Lu Jiarong as "my nanny Handbook" acting skills, wind up the play also silk unambiguous, so that many netizens said: acting really enduring! In the play, LV Jiarong plays Lan Lan, a strong urban woman. As the boss and gold broker of Lanting entertainment company, she has a very rich inner world. LV Jiarong showed Lan Lan's joy when she won the copyright of "Fei Long Zhuan" to the collapse when the box office of "Fei Long Zhuan" was not good. It was no exaggeration to let the audience enter the play in a second, saying: love my sister LAN! As an actress of Qingyi school, LV Jiarong's acting skills are really different!

King of fire: Jing Tian's popularity has been crushed

"Fire King's battle at dawn" is an IP drama adapted from Guoman. It is the annual finale of Hunan Satellite TV. It was specially put on the prime time of 'youth in progress'. However, since its launch, the response has been mediocre, and the audience rating has not been satisfactory. It was suppressed by' you and me 'on satellite TV and crushed by' my nanny manual 'on the Internet. Jingtian, as the No.1 woman in the play, is very weak.

In the play, Jing Tian plays the role of triangle by herself. It can be said that her acting skills have exploded, and she has been publicized by nearly half of her friends in the entertainment circle before the broadcast. Jing Tian's double blessing of acting skills and popularity still doesn't help, and the broadcast volume is greatly crushed by "my nanny manual" starring Zheng Shuang. In front of Zheng Shuang, the 'top traffic King', Jingtian's popularity is nothing but a small one.