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Wu Di appeared at the press conference of "the family in that city" to analyze the character and con

On November 29, "the family in that city" held a news conference in Beijing. Actor Wu Diliang was on the scene, gentle and elegant, with extraordinary bearing. When talking about how to look at his role as Lin Zhicheng, he thinks that this role conveys a spirit of never giving up.

The family in that city is co starred by Ma Yuan, Tong Lei, Li Jianyi, SA Rina, Wu Di, Zhang Yabei, Wang Yuchao and other powerful actors. It depicts the moving story of Tangshan people rebuilding their homes after the earthquake and struggling hard in the tide of the times. As a tribute to the 40th anniversary of opening up and the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China in 2019, as well as the first era drama in Tangshan, it pays tribute to the great changes of the times brought about by reform and opening up.

Wu Di's on-the-spot analysis of characters

Lin Zhicheng, played by Wu Di, attaches great importance to love and righteousness, dares to love and hate, does not yield to fate, and has the indomitable will to admit defeat. The host of the conference asked: "how do you think Lin Zhicheng compensated for his various behaviors in the disaster by making money? Wu Di said: 'this character is not so much trying to get his legs back by making money as trying to get his dream back. In the play, Lin Zhicheng's dream of becoming a literary and art soldier is that he can't continue to be a literary and art soldier because of his broken leg in the earthquake, so he turns his passion for pursuing dreams into making money to make his life and his family better.

People and the times develop and progress together

In addition to sharing his understanding of the characters' personalities, Wu Di also expressed his views on the background of the times and the fate of the characters in the play: 'it's the time that makes him have to give up his original dream, but it's also the time that makes him become later. Lin Zhicheng's enterprising personality is suitable for the trend of reform and opening up. Through historical changes, he regains his self-esteem. '

"The family in that city" officially landed at 19:30 on December 2 at the Golden Eagle solo theater of Hunan Satellite TV. Let's wait for the story of that city and experience the great love of the world!