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Lin Zhiying takes a cool selfie late at night and is praised for having baby muscles

Haige Entertainment: Lin Zhiying can be regarded as the representative of the immortal male god in the entertainment circle. It seems that his appearance hasn't changed much since his debut. Fans often comment on Lin Zhiying's appearance as' if you are not old, we will be old '. If Lin Zhiying is still like this in a few years, Xiaobian really thinks that he may look older than him, but he is a little younger than him. (aggrieved face ~ envious face ~) do you have the same feeling?

On the evening of November 29, Lin Zhiying took a handsome selfie through her personal social account. In the photo, Lin Zhiying is wearing a white, blue and Gray Striped Shirt with a charming smile and dimples. She takes a self portrait with a camera in one hand and points out the night scene in the other. She is still young and has no sign of aging.

Netizens have gathered around and left a message saying: this face value is really speechless. My childhood idol, I am old, you restore the appearance. 17 years old.

Lin Zhiying is a Chinese actor, singer and racing driver. He started his career in 1992 and is known as the little whirlwind of Asia. Together with Kim Cheng Wu, Su Youpeng and Wu Qilong, he is known as the four little heavenly kings of Taiwan. He has appeared in many popular dramas, such as "peerless double pride" and "Tianlong Babu". In 2013, she held a wedding with famous model Chen ruoyi, and in 2014, she took her son Xiaozhi to participate in the variety show "where are you going, dad?" which became popular.