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"Weather pre explosion" ultimate notice poster double hair waiting for the gods to return, amusing a

Haige entertainment news: chopsticks brothers have not cooperated with each other in film and television works since the old boy's Dragon crossing the river. This year, the strongest New Year's comedy "weather pre explosion", written, directed and starred by Xiao Yang, will be released soon, but the film does not involve Wang Taili. There have been many rumors that chopsticks brothers are not compatible with each other before. After the news of this film came out, there was no role of Wang Taili, which made people suspect that their relationship was not good. However, the chopsticks brothers soon announced that they would join forces to sing the theme song of the same name of "weather pre explosion". Xiao Yang also sent two microblog shows of "love" to refute rumors. Fans can look forward to the movie with confidence!

Today, "weather forecast" released the final notice and poster of "gods return". This preview not only exposes the huge conspiracy of Raytheon (Xiao Shenyang) to cover the sky's eye, but also the birthday star (Wang Xiaoli) customizes the 'God quick class' for mortal Ma Le (Xiao Yang) to fight against Raytheon. The most powerful comedy tiantuan's luxury lineup appeared together. The special effects are amazing and full of sincerity. The movie will land in the national cinema on December 21. What kind of hilarious stories will happen when the ancient gods' descend to the modern city? It's really exciting.

"Gods return" to save the world

The release of the 'gods return' version of the notice revealed the "weather pre explosion" part of the wonderful plot. Looking for Xiangyun baby's birthday star (Wang Xiaoli) because he claims to be an immortal in modern society, he is almost hunted as a 'mental illness'. He is also sucked away by Ma Le (Xiao Yang). He can only break the jar and force Ma Le to join in the fight among the Immortals. It turns out that in the past ten years, the demoted Thor has been trying to dominate the world by covering the eye of heaven. If you want to stop all this, you have to gather together Dianmu (Rhododendron), Yushen (Chang Yuan) and Fengshen (Yi Yunhe), who live in seclusion in the city, and form a "storm and thunder" array to disperse the haze and save the world. As a substitute member, Ma Le has gone through many cruel practices, such as acupuncture, electric drill, and wooden clothing. He doesn't know what the quick effect is?

In the final poster released together, the quick effect of Marle leaves the audience a lot of imagination. The poster not only adopts the oriental traditional mural form of expression, but also presents two interesting pictures of Xiao Yang's' space interaction '. The mortal horse music and the Chengshen Horse Music Compare' OK 'with each other, which is full of tacit understanding. Is it that the mortal Ma Le went to the wrong 'scenic spot' and took a classic 'tourist photo' with the mural God? Or is the final training method of Ma Le effective? He likes to mention the 'immortal position' and happily 'hand over' with another one? This ingenious setting also shows that the film is very different from the traditional comedy. In the film "weather pre explosion", there is not only the interaction between the immortal and the mortal in the same frame, but also the immortal Mix and match arrangement with modern city. It can be said that this film is unique in the new year's festival, and is the best choice for everyone to watch.

"The weather is going to explode" is a great show

Xiao Yang, who has participated in a number of high box office new year comedies such as "Chinatown detective", "love saint" and "Chinatown detective 2", can be said to be the well-known "comedy Koi". This time, he took his own works to the new year's Eve, which is even more exciting. In addition to Xiao Yang's exclusive custom-made "Chengshen Chengban", there is also a bold breakthrough of Raytheon's "Treason". The ultimate BOSS played by Xiao Shenyang appeared for the first time in the notice, and the domineering image full of muscles shocked the audience. In addition, the movie "accidentally" exposes the shocking gossip of the birthday girl and the queen mother. The clarification of the birthday girl's "I really don't have a show with the queen mother" also shows that there is no silver here. There are so many 'immortal melons' that people can't help but go to the cinema to find out.

The notice not only revealed a lot of 'Fairy gossip', but also hidden a lot of 'surprise eggs'. Song Xiaobao, Ben Yu and other comedians who are popular with the audience are surprised to be guest stars. The luxury lineup of comedy all stars makes the audience's expectation index of "weather pre explosion" soar. There is also the special effect processing of the four gods of wind, rain and lightning when they form a large array, which is visually shocking and also integrated with the unique oriental charm. Such a sincere film with full score of Xiaoguo is most suitable for watching at the end of the year. The festive atmosphere dispels the tiredness and pressure all year round.

The strongest new year comedy "weather pre explosion" will be released nationwide on December 21, 2018. It is produced by Shanghai Ruyi film and television production Co., Ltd., Beijing Qiangan Film Co., Ltd., Wanda film and television media Co., Ltd., Beijing Jixiang film and television media Co., Ltd., Erdong film (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Huaxia Film Distribution Co., Ltd.