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Director of the meeting of Indian partner shares the inside story of the unique theme "sanitary napk

Haige entertainment news: as of 2018, more than 75% of women in India are still unable to use sanitary products during their physiological period. Can you believe it? The film "Indian partner", produced by Mrs. farnibonsi film company of India, imported by China Film Group Corporation, translated by Changying group translation and production Co., Ltd., and released by Huaxia Film Distribution Co., Ltd., will focus on this topic to promote women's health This hilarious and wonderful performance shows you the serious problems that India still faces today. "Indian partner" is scheduled to be officially released in China on December 14, which is worth looking forward to.

On November 28, Indian entrepreneur inspirational word-of-mouth film "Indian partner" held its premiere meeting in Beijing. Indian director R & middot Barki arrived at the scene as soon as he got off the plane to share his creative journey. Well known film groups such as paper plane, a film, DOCO image scene, etc. attended the premiere together. The screening scene of the film is very lively, and all the audience present strongly recommend this work of Indian reputation. The director himself is proud to say that this is an inspirational burning film adapted from a real story.

As the director of the film "Indian partner", R & middot balkie, as well as the screenwriter of the film, grasps the clear rhythm and story line of the whole story. He said: I don't know if what I do will bring about change, but I think if everyone can make a little effort and add up, we will bring about change. At the premiere, in addition to the film industry, many guests and critics have given praise. Although the popular Bollywood star akexie & middot; Kumar did not show up, he used his classic lines to record video ID to say hello to the Chinese audience. Mother is strong, sister is strong, woman is strong, and China is strong.

During the four post screening meetings, the director was repeatedly asked by the audience why he paid attention to such a special topic to shoot the film. R· Balky said that first of all, the film "Indian partner" is an adaptation of the real legend of India. Secondly, he personally experienced the embarrassment and joke of helping his wife buy sanitary cotton in many developed countries. Later, in his own thinking, he thought that this is the most common thing and the most common natural physiological phenomenon of women, which should be recognized and respected by the whole society!

More than 300 audience members laughed and moved by the speech. If in the process of watching the film, when the main character of the United Nations speech comes, the applause and cheers on the scene prove that an interesting film is worth watching and appreciating.

During its release in India, the film's leading actor, akhir & middot; Kumar, and the production company jointly held a series of promotion activities related to caring for women's health, such as marathon, with many social welfare organizations. In China, the film "Indian partner" also takes women's self-confidence and independence as the theme, and jointly organizes public welfare donation activities with Beijing Women's and children's development foundation, Beijing qiao'ai charity foundation, Beijing Women's Federation, micro public welfare, her public welfare and other public welfare organizations. Representatives of Beijing Environmental sanitation workers who received donations were also invited to watch the film at the premiere, and came from afar The blessings and the moving near each other.

The film "Indian partner" is composed of akeshea Kumar, RADHIKA apter, Sonam Kapur, Geordi sahari, mulinmayi gedbo, and palur middot; Qiu Han and other leading characters tell a true story about entrepreneurship. Because of the high tariff of sanitary napkins, Lakshmi, the hero with junior high school education, seeks the production method of low-cost sanitary napkins, meets the most important partner in his life, and finally invents the low-cost sanitary napkin production machine, and opens the patent, which brings changes to the menstrual hygiene concept of Indian women. Director R & middot balky describes the original intention of this work: in India, because of the high tariff of sanitary napkins, more than 75% of women in India still can't use sanitary products in their physiological period by 2018. From this, we can see that "Indian partner" is a famous film with unprecedented theme.

On December 14, let's go into the cinema and enjoy this thoughtful and thought-provoking movie that brings joy and emotion to the audience.