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Bullet proof youth group's unexpected silencing and hoarseness

Haige entertainment news: bulletproof youth group is a South Korean men's singing group launched by bighit entertainment on June 13, 2013. It is composed of seven members, including Kim Nam Joon, min juiqi, Kim Suo Chen, Cheng Hao Xi, park Chi min, Kim Tae Heng and Tian Jue Guo. On the 28th, the South Korean entertainment industry grand event 2018aaa award ceremony was held in Incheon Nandong gymnasium. The stage performance lasted for four hours, and the artists present showed the wonderful performance to the audience. Among them is the bulletproof youth group, which is the grand finale of the ceremony. There was a sudden stage accident during the performance, and both songs were silenced by the microphone, but the bulletproof Youth League was still calm and ended the stage performance perfectly by roaring. He won the 2018 Asia Artist Awards by the audience.

please come to the 2018aaa award ceremony, including BTS, wanna one, Ikon, seventeen, nu \'est W, Monta x, got 7, snooper, Sf9, the boys, stray kids, d-crash two, Cosmo girl, mobiland, gugugudan, AOA, mamamoo, fromis_ 9. (g) i-dle, iz * one, Kard and other singers' performances are not only awards, but also performances. However, after more than three hours of normal radio reception, the bullet proof Youth League collapsed.

The bulletproof Youth League has brought performances of "make love" and "Idol" in succession, but almost from the beginning, the microphones of RM, suga and j-hope, the three members of rap line, were silent, and then they began to change from big to small.

Although the bulletproof youth group did not panic and calmly completed the performance, in order to let the voice out, it could be said that it opened its throat and roared, and even blue tendons came out of its neck. At the end of the performance, he was sweating and continued to sit on the floor. He sat on the stage and gasped for breath. His hard expression made the fans feel very sad. He said frankly: they worked so hard, but they were ruined by the radio.

However, some fans said that the sound at the scene was very normal, and they suspected that it was not the microphone, but the radio broadcast. However, most artists will wear earphones to confirm the situation when they perform. It is very likely that the signal received by the earphones is a broadcast message, which makes them suspect that the voice has not been sent out and yell.

Although the bulletproof Youth League has been constantly changing recently, it's a happy thing that they inadvertently won a big reward from the singer department that night. When receiving the award, Jimin said: a lot of things have really happened this year, but I really feel that the time that armys (fans) spend with our members is really precious. I've always been very grateful and will repay you with better music in the future.

Member j-hope paid tribute to Se7en and said: it's because of my predecessors that I have the dream of singing and dancing. Thanks also to the host, captain of super junior. Member V said that in fact, I thought about the speech in the morning, but I forgot all about it for a moment. I will post it on SNS. Li Bingxian won the award of actor department. After going through the controversy, he also humbly expressed his thanks to the people who supported him all the way.