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Stupid old man's father runs away and his son makes a hilarious chase

Haige entertainment news: in recent years, Mengwa movies are very popular, not only because of the cute appearance and likable, but also because of the chemical reaction between Mengwa and adults, which makes people laugh or full of warmth. Previous cute movies such as "baby plan", "little Lori's monkey uncle" and "I'm Sam" all received the audience's laughter or tears. Another cute movie is coming soon. Directed by Alexander Andrey Yushchenko, Sergei gamash, Andre nazmov and Lisa Middleton; The Russian action comedy film "the most cute detective" starring azamasova announced today that it will be released on December 14, 2018. Meanwhile, the film's poster and trailer have been released, officially joining the new year's army of the film market in December, accompanying Chinese audiences to celebrate the new year. The movie "the most cute detective" tells the story of the embarrassing case solved by the stupid father of the environmental protection police and the violent son who lives in the soul of the old criminal police.

The kid is ready to crack a big case

In the poster released by the film "the most cute detective", Wanya, a runaway kid, has a look of disdain on his face. It seems that the case just finished is a piece of cake. And his equipment is also rich and colorful. The professional bulletproof vest directly becomes a 'dress' on his body. The shining police badge on his chest is the sign of a golden pacifier. On his waist, there are not only the standard holster of criminal police, but also a & hellip; & hellip; Er, Plush Bear & hellip; & hellip; What's more, although the kid is wearing a bulletproof jacket, he is wearing sandals on his feet. Inside the sandals, he is also wearing socks with blue stripes. The baby's identity is obvious. What's the reason for the combination of professional criminal police and suckling babies? Why does the childish baby handcuff adult criminals skillfully? If you look at it carefully, adult criminals still have Dragon Tattoos on their arms. Does the typical Chinese dragon pattern imply that there are a lot of Chinese elements in the film? The film's many attractions are worth looking forward to.

Police and bandits confront each other constantly

The movie trailer starts with the old criminal police major helomo in prison. His fierce and majestic words lead the rhythm of the story all the way, until the baby Vanya's face suddenly turns. It turns out that the old criminal policeman was accidentally injured in a major transnational anti drug case. What's more unexpected is that he broke into Oleg, the second class policeman of the environmental protection department. What's more unexpected is that helomo's soul actually passed through Oleg's new born son! All kinds of strange experiences made the father tiger and cat have to join hands to continue to solve the case. In the process, it's natural It's also full of thrills and jokes.

It is worth mentioning that as a high-quality Russian action comedy film, the action and comedy elements in the film have a natural intimacy with Chinese audiences. Chinese audiences can also enjoy the unique surprise and moving of Russian films when they welcome the new year at the end of the year.

The action comedy "the most cute detective" is jointly produced by our film company of Russia and CTB company of Russia. It is imported by China Film Group Corporation, released by Huaxia Film Distribution Co., Ltd., and translated by Changying film production Co., Ltd. Directed by Alexander Andrey Yushchenko, starring Sergei gamash, Andre nazmov and Lisa azamasova. It will be released nationwide on December 14, 2018.