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Zhang Tianai's performance of spider man: parallel world

Haige entertainment news: Marvel series movies have been favored by the world's fans. The death of Stan Lee, the godfather of marvel, made many Marvel fans unbelievable and deeply regretted. At the end of this year, a marvel superhero movie will be released, which also brings some comfort to many Marvel fans. The superhero animated film Spiderman: parallel universe, jointly produced by Columbia Pictures, marvel pictures and Sony Pictures, will be on the big screen on December 21. This animated film gathers six spidermans to fight against evil forces, and the shocking scene of six spidermans appearing at the same time is expected. A few days ago, it has been confirmed that actor Peng Yuchang voiced "little black spider" in spider man: parallel universe. Recently, it has been confirmed that Zhang Tianai will play female spider man Gwen & middot; Stacy. This is Zhang Tianai's first animated film dubbing work, which will bring a lot of freshness to the film. It's worth looking forward to!

Zhang Tian'ai, the goddess of variety, plays Spiderman with perfect combination of grace and power

There is a very bright role in spider man: parallel universe, that is female spider man Gwen & middot; Stacy. Gwen got spider man's super power in an unexpected experiment and began to fight against evil forces with his super power. The image of Gwen in the original work is independent and cheerful, which fits well with the image of Zhang Tianai. Since the fire of "the promotion of the Crown Princess", Zhang Tianai has always been eager to challenge all kinds of roles and constantly hone her acting skills in the process of performing film and television works. From the prince and concubine who was aggressive at first, to Yaoji who was soft and cute, Heiyu, the female captor who was heroic, and Huji Yulian, who swayed and swayed, all left a deep impression on the audience. One work after another, Zhang Tianai has never let people down.

As a voice actor who only uses voice to show characters, the professional requirements are very high. Although Zhang Tianai is not a professional, the final effect is amazing. It's amazing! Yes, she is Gwen. This is inseparable from Zhang Tianai's own efforts. It is understood that in order to improve her lines, Zhang Tianai has formed the habit of reading a poem before going to bed every night. After reading a poem, record it on your mobile phone and play it to you. Adjust your emotion and tone according to the recording. Zhang Tianai enjoys the seemingly boring practice.

It is understood that Zhang Tianai likes to read comics very much since childhood. He once said on his microblog that what he wants to do most after his holiday is to read comics. As a comic fan, Zhang Tianai has tasted classic comics like spider man for many times. Zhang Tianai mentioned in an interview that when she was a child, when she went to the amusement park, she chose a suit of spider man. She put it on her body and told her friends that she wanted to become spider man. She had a love for spider man since she was a child. This time, her voice playing spider man Gwen also fulfilled her old wish. In the official poster, Gwen's body is light with dancing shoes. He hangs himself in the air with spider silk in one hand, and makes a silk gesture with the other hand, as if he is going to spin silk in the next second. The flexible movements and Zhang Tianai's unique voice add a lot to Gwen's role. Netizens have said: Little Aike's voice is so cool and sweet! I'm looking forward to my little sister's Spiderman! I must watch the Mandarin version of the movie this time!

Six Spiderman come together to break the dimensional wall

Marvel's first super British animated film "spider man: parallel universe" tells the story of how ordinary high school student miles & middot; Morales learns from spider man Peter & middot; Parker and grows into a new generation of superheroes. There's more than one spider man! In the film, miles and Peter, Gwen, shadow spider man, Penny & middot; Parker and spider pig, who come from other parallel universes, gather together to fight against the strongest villain of spider man universe for the first time.

Marvel, who has been making live action movies, has launched a rare animation blockbuster, which is recognized as the most anticipated movie of the year. North American rotten tomatoes want to see more than 94%. As the fourth Spider Man movie series on the big screen, "spider man: parallel universe" opens a new setting: the story takes place in a parallel universe different from the previous three versions. In other words, a new view of the universe has emerged.

It is worth mentioning that the film combines cartoon style and 3D modeling perfectly. In addition to the dialogue box and cartoon grid that pop up from time to time in the film, the audience seems to be shuttling through the world of film and cartoon, which is both retro and sci-fi, very fresh and aesthetic. A while ago, the Oscar announced the list of 25 best feature film animation primaries, "spider man: parallel universe" was listed. Now it has been praised as the best animation and the best superhero film of the year by the Internet. The film will land on the mainland big screen on December 21, this Christmas with Cross University and spider man together!