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Li Yutong's article quoted Liang Ge's Micro blog as saying that one person is very good

Sea brother entertainment news: Li Yutong issued a text angry Joker Xue, Joker Xue involved Li Xiaolu's incident, it is unnecessary to say that the most harmed is Jia Nailiang, many netizens commented on the pain brother Liang. However, some people talk nonsense without any facts. After all, the current network environment is really not very good, and the rumor mongers talk nonsense at no cost at all. But even if Jia Nailiang could bear it, his family couldn't stand it. Just now Jia Nailiang's sister was angry about it. And Jia Nailiang also showed his attitude: I live very well by myself.

Yesterday, Li Yutong sent Joker Xue and Li Xiaolu, triggering a heated debate among netizens, as well as netizens speaking on social networks, suspected of insinuate Jia Nailiang.

Jia Nailiang's elder sister said angrily: after a year's patience, all rumors and dirty water have been carried down without saying a word! Such a sunny and kind person is so consumed by your dirty imagination! You TM are double, your whole family are double! It's suspected that you should respond to Li Yutong's disclosure.

Just now Jia Nailiang wrote a response: "I live a good life on my own. I don't want to be involved in these right and wrong again. I've endured for a long time. Please don't bring me everything. There are still many beautiful things to do in the world, to live up to others, to life, and to myself when I am alone!"; Netizens' suspicions have been aroused that they really divorced Li Xiaolu.

entanglement back and forth in this kind of thing is really very harmful to Jia Nailiang. I hope that through Jia Nailiang's statement, netizens can treat the event rationally and stop bringing Jia Nailiang into it. Finally, I hope that brother Liang's life will be peaceful and he can focus on his career and works without being affected.