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This drama broke through 1 billion, but its supporting role was on the hook, and Zheng Shuang's traf

When the fire of a TV play reaches an incomparable level, everyone will say: the protagonist of the play has been turned on. It's against heaven! For example, "fragrant honey sinks like frost", which was popular in the summer, was not expected at the beginning, but after it was broadcasted, it was well received. It has been popular abroad, which made everyone say: Yang Zi, Deng Lun, this is a hang up. And "my nanny manual" now broadcast volume has exceeded 1 billion, in the online play is a quite good result, but this play is not the leading role, but the supporting role of LV Jiarong.

Lu Jiarong plays an extremely important role in the play, that is, LAN LAN, the agent of Su DAHAO, the No.1 male, who has a lot of scenes in each episode. With her efforts, Lanting entertainment has gradually brought the company to the stage of transformation. In the latest plot, Lan Lan successfully won the copyright of the IP novel Fei Long Zhuan through unremitting efforts, and this big production will be a major turning point for her company's successful transformation. Therefore, she had no time to delay the arrangement of Feilong Zhuan, and informed suohao at the first time.

Lu Jiarong's acting skills in this play are just like hanging up. Her emotions are expressed in her words. Through the reaction of her eyes and body, the audience can see her acting skills and recognize her image. Through the quick and sensitive response, it's easy to deal with the reporter's gossip, Lan Lan's ability to respond is full score! Although LV Jiarong only plays a supporting role in the play, she presents Lan Lan's most full mental state, gets the support of many audiences, and brushes the bullet screen wildly: I come for LAN LAN!

Lu Jiarong's popularity and broadcast volume of the whole TV series have been boosted. On the other hand, Zheng Shuang, as the top flow queen and heroine in the entertainment circle, has not brought the popularity of "my nanny's Handbook" to life, because her role in the play is so little that she has no status as a hostess, which is blind to her top flow.

Zheng Shuang, as a screenwriter and artistic director, and also the first heroine of guanxuan, shouldn't be reduced to less than the second female. But that's exactly what happened. A total of 35 minutes of the plot, Zheng Shuang from the beginning to the end of only 5 minutes, and sometimes even an episode can not see a few scenes, is a soy sauce woman! Many 'legitimate' have been fighting for Zheng Shuang, saying: according to such a play, even the top traffic can't move!

I hope Zheng Shuang can have a snack in the future. Don't take him to the pit again and again.