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Xu and Dongdong are praised as "China's first sexy and funny actress" for "Xihong's richest man"

With the end of 2018, the box office battle has come to an end. Up to now, four blockbusters with different themes, operation Red Sea, Chinatown detective 2, I'm not a god of medicine, and the richest man in Xihong City, have broken the box office one after another, ranking among the top seven in China's box office history;

Among them, "Xihong city's richest man" landed in the national cinema on July 27, and recently went online. Both box office revenue and webcast results are not bad. The film continues to break the critical point of comedy blockbusters, and becomes the highest box office comedy film at present. The actress Xu Dongdong, who is brilliant in the film, is praised as "China's first sexy and funny actress" by netizens;

In this film, Xu Dongdong plays Sha Sha. Instead of her former "deep and sexy" screen image, she creates a new "sexy and funny" role of "Lengmeng silly elder sister". From the new "massage younger sister" to "tiaodi elder sister", Xu Dongdong only takes a few minutes to make a deep impression on all the audience with the "hair shaking and pigtail dance";

Once again, Sha Sha's true identity is exposed. With her beautiful back and slender legs, she stands in the middle of a crowd of "bigwigs" and pays special attention. It turns out that she is the beauty in Shen Teng's "beauty trick" that she was sent to destroy;

Looking back and smiling, the beauty really has the capital and strength to accomplish this' arduous' task;

For the first time, Xu Dongdong showed her "funny" to the public, which made a lot of people laugh. For the second time, Xu Dongdong showed her sexy and charmed people;

In his third appearance, Xu Dongdong combined "sexy" and "funny" to show his excellent "sexy and funny" skills in the scene of "climbing the table and being turned into a dog biting the mud";

"Xihong city's richest man" finally made a box office of 2.548 billion yuan, ranking seventh in the history of Chinese film box office. It is the highest box office comedy blockbuster so far, and Xu Dongdong, who has a brilliant performance and brilliant acting skills, has also been praised as "China's first sexy and funny actress" by netizens, and the title is worthy of praise;

In addition to the title of "China's first sexy and funny actress" in cinema films, Xu Dongdong has also made great achievements in big online films. In "Di Renjie's lethal eye" released at the same time as "Xihong's richest man", Xu Dongdong plays the heroine Wu Zetian;

Youku online cinema's sub account list shows that after 92 days of hot screening, the amount of sub account has reached 32.52 million. In October, it ranked second in the cumulative list, with remarkable achievements, far ahead of tomb raiding and dragon hunting, which ranked third. The popularity is really explosive;

The leading role of "sister-in-law" of Netcom university with the same name has been shown for 354 days, with a total of 17.41 million yuan and a total of 5.803 million person times, ranking fifth in the online movie list, the top ten online movies with the most number of hot days and long-standing ranking;

Xu Dongdong's position as the first sister of the Internet university is becoming more and more stable with the help of two works, namely, the eye of the heaven and sister-in-law of Di Renjie. It is reported that on December 6, the TV series "the insurance investigation of the guardian God" starring Xu Dongdong will be online. Please pay attention to it;