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Wu Di's "that city, this family" was released on December 2, which is a touching interpretation of t

Directed by Shao Jinghui and starring Ma Yuan, Tong Lei, SA Rina, Li Jianyi, Wu Di, Zhang Yabei and Wang Yuchao, the large-scale gift play "the family in that city" was officially put on file. On December 2, the main film flower and main poster were exposed today. As a gift play for the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up and the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China in 2019, the play will be broadcast in Jinying independent broadcasting theater of Hunan Satellite TV, and will be updated on iqiyi, Tencent video and Youku.

"The family in that city" is adapted from the novel "Ping'an button" by Tangshan writer Li Yan. It is jointly produced by Erdong film and Hunan Tianyu film and Television Co., Ltd. and produced by Hunan Radio and Television Co., Ltd. and Jindun film and television center of logistics support department of Central Military Commission. It tells the joys and sorrows of two families and three generations. Through the story of a reorganized family composed of seven surnames, it depicts the moving story of the people's unity in post earthquake reconstruction and struggling in the tide of reform and opening up.

Wu Di is well known by the audience for his creation of many classic screen images, such as he Changgong, the important 'red Idol' in the revolutionary epic our French years, Yang Xiu, king of the Sui and Tang Dynasties hero, Guan Yuguo in joy at the gate, and Qi Jinnan in when the flowers are in bloom. Lin Zhicheng, who lost a leg in the earthquake, plays in the new play the family in that city. After a short period of decadence, he revives his spirit and strives for his own career with indomitable will.

How will Wu Di present Lin Zhicheng's image of striving for self-improvement? From 8:00 p.m. on December 2, "the family of that city" landed in the Golden Eagle solo theater of Hunan Satellite TV, arousing the glorious memory of that heroic city.