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"My nanny Handbook" Lu Jiarong is helpless! Netizen: I only saw DAHAO's tendons

Those who are tired of watching European and American dramas, Japanese and Korean dramas have now found a new source of happiness, which is the idol dramas of Sino Thai cooperation, such as my nanny Handbook. This work is a light comedy co starred by Zheng Shuang, LV Jiarong and the new generation of male deities in Thailand this year. With the background of Chinese entertainment circle and the beauty of Thai male protagonists, the new themes of Internet buzzwords and AI intelligence keep pace with the times. How much experience does this play bring to the audience?

Indipa & middot; Tani, as a popular little fresh meat in Thailand, is a well-known male god in the Thai circle. This year, he joined Youku's exclusive TV series "my nanny Handbook". Everyone is guessing what kind of fresh match he has with female number one Zheng Shuang. However, as soon as the play is broadcast, netizens unexpectedly fall to the CP of indipa and LV Jiarong, They are the superior subordinate relationship between the boss and the artist.

Yingdipa plays the handsome but proud male star soxhow, while LV Jiarong is his boss and agent LAN LAN in the play. While the two develop their emotional line, the audience laments LV Jiarong's bad looks while expressing "knock out" yingdipa's figure. In the scene of fitness in the room, he shows strong abdominal muscles and arms, and the audience calls out: full screen tendons and flesh It's nosebleed!

In the latest plot of my nanny Handbook, Su DAHAO feels bad because his role in the new play has been changed. Lan Lan goes to his home to comfort him, and persuades him as a good friend: do you think I don't know you enough? Hearing sister Lan's analysis of her heart, Su DAHAO only acquiesces. However, before the launch of the press conference a few days later, Su DAHAO temporarily played a retreat drum. He refused to participate in the press conference, which caught LAN LAN by surprise.

As Su DAHAO's most familiar confidant, how can this little thing defeat sister LAN? She asked assistant Wei to contact Saori in the hope of persuading Su DAHAO effectively. She is worthy of being a senior business woman. She knows that she still needs to tie the bell. Assistant and LAN LAN, who were already helpless, immediately found hope. As a proud male artist like Su DAHAO, in fact, the most important thing is to have a decisive agent around him, and this role is not LAN LAN.

In my nanny Handbook, LAN LAN and Su DAHAO are tacit partners in the eyes of outsiders, while in private they are "blue confidants" who cherish each other. This gradually developing ambiguous relationship has hit the audience's heart by mistake, and many people say they are optimistic about this pair, and even forget that Zheng Shuangcai is the No.1 female in the play. On the contrary, LV Jiarong's fans are increasing This is an unexpected result.