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"Shangxinle · Forbidden City" by Deng Lun and Zhou Yiwei

Haige entertainment news: Recently, Zhou Yiwei has been hot on the frequency. It's not that diss is not suitable to play Lin Mochen in "I'm in love with you", or that he is exposed and helped to share a straw, as if trying to push him to the image of slag man. What's more, even Zhou Yiwei and the strange woman who seemed to be his assistant were suspected of cheating when they went to the temple to offer incense. It's really against Zhou Yiwei. Instead of paying attention to some of these things, we'd better watch some valuable ones. Today, Xiao Bian recommends Zhou Yiwei and Deng Lun to participate in the cultural reality show "Shangxin & Forbidden City", which focuses on the cultural IP of the Forbidden City.

A few days ago, the Palace Museum released nine pairs of chopsticks on its microblog, each of which is not simple, and quickly went on the hot search, which is enough to show that Chinese people have a deep love for traditional culture. Not only chopsticks, but also everything in the Palace Museum symbolizes the accumulation of thousands of years of history and culture, and represents China's high luxury. On November 23, the cultural reality show "Shangxin & Forbidden City", which focuses on the cultural IP of the Forbidden City, will be broadcast on for the third time, each of which is conveying the power of the Forbidden City culture. In the first two programs, through the exploration of the two undisclosed areas of the Forbidden City, Qianlong garden and changyinge theater, not only revealed more aspects of Emperor Qianlong, but also reproduced the grand occasion of the golden age of opera in the Forbidden City 100 years ago. In this program, Deng Lun and Zhou Yiwei will explore more unknown areas of the Forbidden City, find the leading Xueba of the Qing Dynasty, and explore the boundless learning of Xueba.

Deng Lun and Zhou Yiwei in search of Qing Dynasty scholar

As the supreme ruler of the imperial era, the emperor has always been the center of the depiction of ancient costume films, TV dramas and books, especially the great achievements of the Qing emperor in history. However, regardless of their achievements, are there any other surprises for the emperors? What are their other aspects that are rarely known? This issue of "Shangxin & the Forbidden City" reveals the learning career of the emperors who are known as Xueba in the Forbidden City.

In the program, Deng Lun and Zhou Yiwei are once again given the task of exploring the secret: to find the Xueba in the Forbidden City and explore its unknown side. After learning the clues, Deng Lun immediately thought of going to the Palace Museum School --Go to the library to find the answer. However, the library, which appears frequently in movies and TV plays, is not on the map of the Forbidden City. Is the clue interrupted? On the other hand, Zhou Yiwei found a book written by Bai Jin, a Frenchman, in the library. It describes the deeds of an emperor who is quick and eager to learn. Is this emperor the Xueba in the Forbidden City? All the puzzles will be presented tonight.

The strangest building in the Forbidden City

In addition to searching for Xueba in the Forbidden City in the Forbidden City, Deng Lun, together with cultural and creative designers, found a strange building. The spherical dome not only has a stone platform like a stove, but also has a cave in the red walls and yellow tiles. The whole building is made of glazed green bricks, which makes Deng Lun cry out It's like an air raid shelter. It's like exploring here.

The most amazing thing is that they saw the dome outside. They didn't expect that the interior space of the building was huge. The protruding dome and the European style rounded wall formed a strong contrast with other buildings in the Forbidden City. All of these made them feel goose bumps. What's the function of such a strange existence in the Forbidden City complex? Will this building give them a chance to find the Forbidden City Xueba To provide more clues makes the audience curious.

Can Dun Lun and Zhou Yiwei finally find Xueba in the Forbidden City? Apart from the strange dome, what else do they see in the process of searching? Tonight, iqiyi's Shangxin & middot; Forbidden City is about to solve the historical mystery! If you want to learn more about the Magical Discoveries of the exploration team of the Forbidden City, please pay attention to VIP members' exclusive Shangxin & middot; Forbidden City exploration edition at 12 o'clock every Monday.