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Special forces in the enemy's rear: November 26: Yi Kun's strongest sniper super fire attacks (pictu

Recently, directed by Tan Qiao and starred by Li Zonghan, Yi Kun, Gan Lu, Zhang Zhijian and Miao Tingru, the hardline war blockbuster "special forces going deep into the enemy's rear" has been officially put on the TV weekly theater of Zhejiang satellite TV. From November 26, it has been hit every Monday to Thursday at 10 p.m. for the first time, combining special operations with espionage. It mainly tells the story of a distinctive four armed force on the Sino Burmese border in 1942 The story of the people's special combat team's going deep into the enemy's rear area to destroy the enemy's invasion attempt and plot again and again is a super fire Anti Japanese war drama which integrates air battle, jungle battle, positional battle, artillery battle and other elements.

Qilian City airborne special team becomes the strongest sniper

In the play, Yi Kun, a hardline male from the mainland, plays Qi Liancheng, the No.2 male sniper. He is magnanimous, cheerful, proud but not indifferent, and petty bourgeoisie is not hypocritical. He is a mathematical genius sniper who is good at shooting and using daggers in special forces. Born in a wealthy family, he went to the U.S. military academies for further study and showed his outstanding ability in precision shooting. After the outbreak of the Anti Japanese War, he returned to join the army and followed the expeditionary army to the Sino Burmese border. After Bai Li, the former sniper of the special forces, died, his combat effectiveness was greatly reduced. In order to ensure the smooth completion of the task, Qilian city was dispatched by the division headquarters and parachuted to the special forces to become a new sniper.

Because of the differences in tactical thinking and personality, Qilian city was out of place with the team members in the early days of joining the special forces. However, after many times of fighting side by side and going from life to death, Qilian city and the team members gradually developed a tacit understanding, and their brotherhood transcended their differences. In addition to the role of Qi Liancheng, the most powerful sniper, actor Yi Kun also serves as one of the directors and screenwriters of the film. His multiple roles in front of and behind the stage make him devote more effort and emotion to the play.

Yi Kun's multiple identities in front of the stage and behind the scenes

Talking about the role, Yi Kun said frankly: different from the previous play, the role of sniper Qi Liancheng adds a lot of understanding of life, such as how to face the love between brothers in different positions, and how to face the love of life and death. For example, the male No. 2 in movies and TV plays often finds the true love female No. 2 when they fail to pursue female No. 1 in the early stage In the play, I deliberately designed for Qilian city's emotional play, hoping to be accepted by everyone as well. To sum up with one sentence of Qilian City, it is' unforgettable love often comes from unforgettable pursuit '.

When asked about the specific emotional drama design, Yi Kun said with a mysterious smile: I hope you can find the answer in the drama (laughter). It is reported that the TV series "special forces in the enemy's rear" is a work of male hormones. Yi Kun, who is also the screenwriter and star, reveals that the chivalrous tenderness and sincere love in the play are not simple and rough fighting, but more focused on the interpretation of comrades in arms in a special era. How to show them in a hostile position may be the biggest attraction and difference of the play. On November 26, at 10 p.m. from Monday to Thursday in the weekly broadcast theater of Zhejiang satellite TV, Yikun's "special forces in the enemy's rear" will never be seen!