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Male star and female star performance contest! Do you stand in zhouyiwei, Jin Dong or Wang Ou Lu Jia

In this era of traffic, acting seems to have been forgotten by everyone. But as a qualified actor, acting is the basic condition they should have. Throughout the entertainment industry, there are only a few actors who really have acting skills. Today, we will select the most effective actors and actresses in the entertainment industry: Zhou Yiwei, Jin Dong, Wang ou and LV Jiarong.

Zhou Yiwei's acting skills are praised and his emotions are relaxed

At the beginning, I didn't have a deep impression on Zhou Yiwei. I even knew that there was such a person who didn't know his name. But recently, he quickly mixed his face in front of the audience through the "era of entrepreneurship" and "you and me's time of collapse", which left a certain impression on everyone. Whether he plays Rowe or Lim Morrison, he uses his eyes and lines to express the delicate emotions of the characters, which makes many audiences crazy.

Jin Dong is good at highlighting the personality and connotation of characters

Jin Dong is also a very popular actor in recent years. He is respectful and polite. He has a calmness and gentleness higher than ordinary people. He is a real gentleman. Both inside and outside Jin Dong's plays give us a mature and steady feeling, such as the congratulatory letter in the first half of my life and the Zhuang Shu in the wind and cloud of surgery. They show the character's personality and connotation with their eyes, actions and micro expressions, and score no less. They highlight the character's temperament and make the audience have endless aftertaste.

Wang Ou is a good actor with good looks and acting skills

Wang ou, who was born as a model, not only has a high face value, but also has excellent acting skills. In "the disguiser", Wang Manchun's ferocity is incisively and vividly interpreted; in "manghuangji", which was broadcasted some time ago, Wang Ou also has a very excellent performance. It is reported that in the upcoming sesame alley, she plays Mu Chunhua, from a fresh girl to a kind old woman. She is more relaxed and has a certain degree, which makes the audience very expectant.

Lu Jiarong's description of the characters is rich and three-dimensional

Lu Jiarong is also a well-known powerful actor. She has been talking with her works for many years and has been using her role as her strong foundation and motivation. In the two dramas of the Republic of China, she portrayed Yin Mingzhu and min Hongyu two fallen but unconventional roles with her true feelings, which made the audience highly praised. In the recently popular "my babysitter's Manual", LV Jiarong once again portrayed Lan Lan, a powerful commercial woman with a stable appearance and a turbulent heart, which won high praise from netizens.

So, in terms of acting, do you stand in Zhou Yiwei, Jin Dong, Wang ou and LV Jiarong?