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"Yu sin" sister-in-law Xu and Dongdong add new labels

When it comes to the Hot Actresses recently, Xu Dongdong, the post-90s little Qingyi, will surely have a place. The blockbuster comedy film "the richest man in Xihong city" starred by her won the box office of 2.548 billion yuan, climbing to No.7 in the history of Chinese film box office. This summer's really hit comedy film is no other than this film;

In the film, Xu Dongdong plays "Lengmeng silly elder sister" Sasha with two classic hot scenes: nonsense, shaking her hair and braids, and being thrown into a dog to eat the mud when she can't be seduced. In addition to being funny, Wu Li Dongbao's high beauty, graceful back and slender legs are all powerful tools for the circle;

"Xu Dongdong is hot" has also become a popular search keyword in Xihong city's richest man. She appeared in the audience's field of vision from the role of sister-in-law Shen Jiawen in the phenomenal online drama "Yu sin". At that time, she had already explained the double-sided roles in the play with delicacy and vividness. Moreover, she took the title of 'sister-in-law' out of the play and became its' unique name ';

After that, she became famous for the rose in chasing the dragon. Xu Dongdong proved to the public that she was not only sexy but also good at acting. At the end of the film, the scenes of Xu Dongdong 'laughing and crying' to die, and Donnie Yen 'trying to save but unable to save' are still unforgettable and impressive;

With works, topics, beauty, acting skills, dedication and hard work, Xu Dongdong has been promoted from a new unknown to a second-line star. With his three works, i.e. Yu sin, chasing the dragon and the richest man in Xihong City, Xu Dongdong has opened up his acting career in an all-round way;

The title of "the first sister of the Internet University" is not just a casual remark. The online big movie "Di Renjie's life taking eye" starred by Xu Dongdong was released on July 27, this year. According to Youku's online movie distribution list, the amount of account sharing has reached 2.96 million in four days of its release, ranking third in the whole July with remarkable achievements;

By August, "Di Renjie's life taking Tianyan" had been popular for 35 days, with a total amount of 16.45 million, ranking the first, far ahead of the third and second. The hot days of "great sage Fu demon" and "nine gate governor", which had been broadcast twice or even nearly three times, were extremely hot;

Well, if you really want to say that "Di Renjie's lethal eye" is co starred by Xu Dongdong and Chen Jianfeng, Xu Dongdong plays no more part of Wu Zetian than Chen Jianfeng;

So the next "sister-in-law" is a big network movie of the same name, led by Xu Dongdong. The whole film is her, and the part is absolutely enough;

We also use the third-party square's professional data to talk about it. From the cat's eye, we can see that "sister-in-law" has been released for 348 days, with a total amount of 17.028 million and a total of 5.676 million movie viewers, ranking seventh in the online movie rankings. On the 19th, the box office was 59000 and the number of movie viewers was 19000;

Take a look at the top ten universities of China. They are three days, two days and seven days. The most of them are 138 days. However, her film has been released for nearly a year, and still tens of thousands of people go to see it every day, and it is still ranked seventh on the list. What is the concept? Students, the title of the first sister of the Internet university is not given to her, to whom?