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D & G designer Chen Kun and stars of delireba refuse to attend the show

Haige entertainment news: Nowadays, the continuous development of many international luxury brands is inseparable from the huge Chinese market, after all, China's population and consumer groups can not be underestimated. Many luxury brands attach great importance to the cooperation with China, and there are spokesmen for China. However, a lot of artists have been invited to show in Shanghai. As soon as the incident happened, Zhang Ziyi, Huang Xiaoming, Chen Kun, Li Bingbing, Chen Xuedong, Wang Junkai, Tang Yixin, rocket girl, and dilireba indicated that they would not attend the DG show in Duga banner tonight.

On November 21, Italian famous brand Duga Banna will hold the great show in Shanghai and invited many famous artists to attend. Just before that, a group of photos taken by DG in China were suspected of "humiliating China", which was thought to be intended to defame China's image and caused heated discussion.

These photos selected several Beijing landmarks: Tiananmen Gate, Yonghe palace, Nanluoguxiang and the Great Wall. In addition to the street model and D, some of the clothes are messy and funny.

In addition to an advertisement of Dolce Gabbana, which was accused of discriminating against Chinese because of its "Chinese pronunciation" and the model's strange posture of eating pizza with chopsticks, a netizen talked about it in insstory. Stefano Gabbana, the designer of Dolce Gabbana, came to argue, and finally became angry and scolded. He also openly insulted China.

Netizens have said: "this brand is not insulting China, resolutely resist it!", "the country is the bottom line, humiliation of China is really intolerable, can you stop any cooperation with this brand!";

At present, many stars have indicated that they will not attend the DG show tonight. Zhang Ziyi even said frankly on her microblog that DG had brought shame on itself, with a picture: if your excrement falls, return it to you. After that, DG's official intragram account and Stefano Gabbana's instagram account were stolen, which we have solved through legal means immediately. We apologize for the impact and harm these untrue remarks have caused to China and the Chinese people. We always love and respect China and Chinese culture.

The official reply of DG is not convincing. It is absolutely unforgivable for a Chinese to insult our motherland. We are Chinese, and the harm to our motherland is the greatest harm to us.