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Bai Yu's love affair with his girlfriend

Haige entertainment news: in the summer of 2018, an online drama "zhenhun" made Bai Yu fire, and the CP between Bai Yu and Zhu Yilong also made fans love each other. After that, Bai Yu, who was much loved by netizens, was in love with Liu Mengmeng, who played the role of Nuolan in "love apartment". During this period, there was also news that the two were breaking up. However, today, it was revealed that Bai Yu and Liu Mengmeng were in love.

Although Bai Yu was a supporting role in Shao Shuai and Jianjun Daye, he did a good job. He played the leading role in beauties as stuffing, suddenly this summer, and zhenhun. Although they are all online dramas, their reputation is good. Bai Yu has a strong plasticity. He has a beard, shaves, is a little fatter and thinner. He can play a cross age and cross era role. He can not only play middle-aged Feng Yong, but also play Zhang Yuan, a 15-year-old high school student. Many netizens call him "drama face-to-face".

It has been said on the Internet that Bai Yu has a girlfriend, Liu Mengmeng, who has been talking about for five years since she started her career. She is the goddess Nolan in love apartment. The two never showed any love, but fans picked up two people's interaction from the details. Liu Mengmeng's voice was tiktok. Recently, some media photographed Bai Yu and Liu Mengmeng meeting in Sanlitun. They went shopping and had dinner together. They looked very sweet. They hugged each other in the underground garage before leaving.

Before, netizens were curious about why Bai Yu, who went to Shanghai to participate in the event, came back to Beijing from Yiwu. The media photographed Bai Yu coming out of Liu Mengmeng's Hengdian home. Liu Mengmeng's driver was still driving by himself. At that time, Bai Yu was still watched by fans and signed by everyone. Friends now understand it, Bai Yu is to accompany his girlfriend. After Bai Yu boarded the plane, the plain faced Liu Mengmeng ran into the car from home with a trace of shyness on her face.

Bai Yu and Liu Mengmeng worked together on "loser's screen drama". At that time, Bai Yu also tweeted that "Luofei belongs to me, @ Liu Mengmeng can only eat with me '. Before that, Liu Mengmeng had imitated Bai Yu's signature smile. Think about Bai Yu's participation in variety shows. When he said he was in love, he would kiss at least three times a day. When asked how long it would take to kiss, Bai Yu said shyly that it would take about ten or twenty minutes. This dog food is also very sweet!

As for their romance, some netizens said: Bai Yu is already a big boy. He can handle his private life well. We hope that he will be happy and pay attention to his works and stay away from the actors' private life. It seems that fans are more rational now, and they are no longer as opposed to star love as before. I don't know what you think of their romance rumors?