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Wu Lei and song Zuer, born as a child star

Haige entertainment news: Wu Lei, brother of Sanshi, who just went to university this year, and song Zuer, who is also a child star, are classmates. One is handsome and the other is beautiful. People are looking forward to their cooperation. Recently, song Zuer and Wu Lei participated in the shooting of a public welfare film. The same frame photo of the two people is very eye-catching. They are just like the hero and heroine in the idol drama.

Recently, song Zuer and Wu Lei took the same frame photo of public welfare film together. In the picture, song Zuer is sweet and lovely in a purple knitted sweater, and Wu Lei is also very cool and handsome in a yellow sweater. It is reported that this is the first cooperation between the two classmates.

Song Zuer and Wu Lei study together, the picture is very harmonious and eye-catching.

Song Zuer is wearing a purple knitted sweater with long hair and full of youth.

Wearing a bachelor's uniform, song Zuer felt the atmosphere of graduation four years in advance.

Wu Lei dressed up handsome at the scene.