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Peng Yuchang, a 24-year-old black horse actor, is expected to win the Golden Horse movie king

Haige entertainment news: Peng Yuchang, who has been playing network drama and small roles, has just been known to the public in the past two years, but his extraordinary acting skills have been appreciated by many predecessors in the industry. Peng Yuchang is expected to become the youngest Golden Horse Film emperor by nominating the best actor in the Golden Horse Award with "elephant sitting on the ground".

Although he doesn't have a good-looking face in the traditional sense, he just has a bright eye. When he participated in the birth of the actor, the three performances of "saving Mr. Wu", "casting a name" and "get out of here, the cancer king" performed three completely different styles of roles, all of which were commendable. Liu Ye and Zhang Ziyi greatly appreciated: "there is a kind of amazing explosive force in his body." although he is young, he does not look conspicuous and prominent at a glance, but he has a momentum. Once he seizes the opportunity, he immediately stands up and approaches everyone's vision to firmly attract everyone's attention. At the age of 24, he nominated the Golden Horse movie emperor and became a real little black horse. He is Peng Yuchang.

In the variety show "yearning for life", Peng Yuchang is the most real big boy. When I work, I can even grab the ball with the dog when I work, I can even grab the ball with the dog when I am working. I think one person can eat three people's share. After all, he is still growing up. No matter what he eats, he eats super delicious. The children next door cry when they see it.

In fact, when the audience first saw Peng Yuchang, it should be in the big red net drama "the prince's promotion", in which Peng Yuchang played one of the nine characters, the strong father-in-law around the prince. In this limited budget sand sculpture network drama, Peng Yuchang's whole episode may not have a few lines, often a silent background board.

As a debut work, this "Prince's promotion" is indeed not well made, there are not many parts of the play that can exercise acting skills, but the unexpected popularity of the play is undoubtedly lucky for Peng Yuchang.

After taking part in several online dramas, Peng Yuchang met the first film "shining girl", which combined folk music and secondary culture and gave a new form of story. As the debut work of Peng Yuchang's film, in this young film with few emotional dramas focusing on the description of growth, Peng Yuchang, in order to complete a few drumming scenes, has also dealt with the only little emotional drama in place.

After that, he cooperated with Zhang Zifeng in "take my brother away" as a film with tears and laughter. After this film, Peng Yuchang and Zhang Zifeng really became brothers and sisters.

This year's Golden Horse Award, Peng Yuchang nominated best actor for "elephant sitting on the ground", and Zhang Zifeng nominated Best Supporting Actress for "Hello, China". The film "elephant sitting on the ground", which let Peng Yuchang nominate the Golden Horse Film emperor, also won the grand prize at the Berlin Film Festival. Three years of his debut, there is no lace material, always accompanied by his only one stem: a persistent young man who wants to shoot kissing scenes. The only kiss that he missed so far is kissing the girl's forehead and sticking three or four. If he's asked about his love affairs, he will not be released. Well, as we all know, the world owes Peng Yuchang a kiss show! Not long ago, Zhihu did not shy away from paying attention to 'what kind of experience is it to shoot kissing as an actor'.

In this complex performing arts circle, Peng Yuchang is like a clear stream, simple and natural. He never evaded his ambition and vanity. He wants fame, awards with weight and bragging in the future, but everything just shows his love for performance, and he wants to be recognized by everyone.

Peng Peng can nominate the Golden Horse movie emperor, or he can go to the variety show to make people laugh and hiccup. Maybe it's because of Peng Peng's reality that he said he wanted to shoot a kiss, but he didn't carry himself from the beginning. Whether he won the prize or not, the nomination of the Golden Horse Film Award has been a great affirmation of the boy's acting skills. I believe this' flash boy 'has a long way to go. Finally, give Peng Yuchang a kiss show!!